Torch Festival

Our region we have annual summer torch festival.

Many lanterns(chochin in Japanese) are lighted up
along the street for welcoming

bravely young men with traditional costumes

If you like to see more on the video :D


Hanabi in Japan

Hello,hello,hello!!!  How have you been? Hope you're all right :)

Still we're really having crazy hot summer as  i've not experienced ever.
We cannot air-conditioned off  all day long.
Many people have been rushed to hospitals with heat stroke.

Anyway, last Sunday we looked up fireworks (HANABI はなび 花火) at my town with very exciting!

We 're sitting on the seat or something at the dry riverbed to see fire-works.

Our Japanese Hanabi were made by Hanabi skilled workers for summer Hanabi festivals.

So this time I can  succeed to upload my video here. Hope you will enjoy it.