F is for girls Festival

Today's Mrs.matlock's class learning about alphabet F

F is for Festival  
 I'll describe one of the most traditional Festival in Japan.
It is Hinamatsuri or Momo no sekku. Peach flower is blooming

The Japanese Doll Festival ( Hina-matsuri in japanese), or Girls' Day, is held on March 3 .Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls  representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period

Each family mostly celebrate of the girls birth at home.  Granparents ordinally present  hina dolls set for their granddaughters.

So I'll post of my Hinamatsuri around at home next week:)
And  see you Next Thursday for class!!

Mami :-)


Please come in!!

I'd like to show you a few of Japanese traditional crafts by my grandmothers' herself works here.
She'll be turning 100 yrs old next January.
She lives in a peacefully nursing home
How wonderful crafts works they are!!
I mean it is a small museum of mine at this moment.
And I'm so glad to hear of your praise or say hello for her, please. :-)
I'll tell her all of your comments here.

Here we go..

a japanese girl wearing Kimono
wrapped pasteboard with japanese crape clothes(KURUMIE)

                                      childfood in oldies
Japanese paper fan

knitted dolls

Hina Festival on the oblong board

hina dolls

the Cock in chinese astrogy

thank you for visitng my museum today.



Interesting in 'Busybody'

I dont know this English word 'Busybody'  Glad to learn interesting word!! Although NOT Alphabet lessons today:-)

I has been tagged by Michela who 'demands' to see inside my handbag..:)

Ahem!! To be shamed, it'll be my turn.
 This black bags with a big ribbon is Naraya one which i bought in Singapore.It is easy to carry and light.

These are music items inside for lesson.,,etc.. I am a student in fact.
There are music scores and copies,tissues, Mickey's mini towel, Coach wallet, docomo mobile, USB, pass, slippers,uum...pen-case, ecology-bags....rouge made in Japan 'Shiseido'   I dont carry cosmetics so many..

It is already the end of Feb. Spring is coming soon.
Enjoy your winter little more...

Maybe I'll post something new about Spring the next time
Keep warm and take care of yourselves to all!!




Thank you ladies for leaving comments on my last post Alphabe Thursday.
But i cant be away from TV of Olympic and not to visit and not to comment. So you know,Today I am watching  TV and cheering to figure skating!!!Yahoo!Yahoo! I really really love to see figure skating.
How Exciting it is!! Elegance and Encouragement!!!
Oh I got even tears with my Eyes.
Oops !E word is Enough, Oh?

I'll promise to visit you soon. Pls give me time a little.

Speak soon!!

Afar from Japan,



E is for..Excitement!!

E is for Electone
of my lovely music instrument i play.
How Exciting music is!

E is for Eggs
we can say Eggs is Tamago in japanese

and this is 'TAMAGOYAKI'
which is 'mother made'
and the  primary of Japanese cooking
Have you already tried and Enjoyed?

E  is  also for Egg-plant
This japanese eggplant.Too short?
and fried eggplant

E is for the Equinox on March 21th
We have holidays too

How do you have Enjoyable plan?

And February Eighteenth is my sister's birthday!


From Australia-lantern giveaway

I just got a big air mail from karen this morning
This is her 100th post giveaway!! 

Thank you so much Karen. I am pleased to be given these fashonable lanterns.

How cool!!:)
 Looks like Japanese style,isnt it?

I love this dragonfly design.
I displayed them at our entrance space  for today
what a lovely space!!!:-)

How do you like to display or hang?

BTW-Do you know Japanese lanterns called 'chochin' here in Japan.?
Chochin's shapes and usages are different  from lanterns themselves.
We usually use chochin at some celemonies with Kanji.
Although...I'll post about this another time.

Good night afar from Japan



we are Locked in Happy Weekend

How happy weekend you're all spending!!
Me? Chocolates weekend - Caffarel ,Van Dender
and some Japanese chocs
They seems as like jewels.We are chocs freaks?;D
Oh my son and daughter with chocolate smile?

To be honour-I was given the Sunshine Award from Amy
Please pop up to her blog.
Amy blogs about her wonderful family.
Thank you for thinking of me,Amy!!:)

BTW the Olympic just started
we are really Locked in


Alphabe-Thursday "D"

I joined in Jenny Matlock: Alphabe-Thursday "D"

This week i study D

D is Delight:)

D is Duffy from Tokyo Disney Land

Duffy is at my home

D is Dolls who welcome to guests
D is Draemon which is the caractor of Japanese comic
anyway this time is my first trial for D
It is Difficult but Delightful:)

Pls give me a D word comment.:)))




It's getting warmer here(14C),but today is raining though.
I'm glad to share with you these pretty spring greetings.
I found this afternoon these plum flowers which was blooming

Kawaii isnt it?


Why Not Valentine Messages?

Message Rose
Absolutely just only one rose
With  printed original love message
On the petal

Message Candle
As burning you could see
Original love message 
 Inside of  the candle

And another surprisingly Message is;
Screen Message Service!!
(ByUnited Cinema Corporations)
Giving message
During trailer
(for about 7 or 10 seconds )
your message would be rolling
Just remeber 
even cinema attendances could look

And price is $200...wow!!




valentine chocolates Update

Our buyer did a good job to serch famous and delicious chocolates in the
world. so we can choose among 100 more variety of chocolates, Wow!!
I'll praise them here. But to myself,I cant write down all of them though...spellings are difficult..:-(

Pierre Marcolini



Patchi from  Lebanon


Hope our buyer will dicover more.

Have a lovely Valentine's week!!


Valentine's Chocolates

How's it going on your weekend?
Finally we had snow just a bit this morning here!! Unfair isnt it?

Closely to the Valentine's Day,isnt it? 
it makes hearts warmer,doesnt it?

Not sure if you know, plenty of chocolates among the world come together here in Japan this season.
What is your favorite or recomended?

BTW on the Valentaine's day we send chocolates to our loved one , dear friends, lovely family..it is not our tradition. But the day means LOVE.

So me too, I'll decide to send my sisiter for her birthday on 18th Feb and for my family.

Last night I was taking a look on online shopping at the departmentstore project.It's showing us a variety of select chocolates of the world.

 I'm having very happy time to think of my blog followes of the world.

Anyway my choices are..

Van Dender from Belgium

Lohenstein from Germany

Caffarel from Italy-pretty isnt it?

Micheran Buran from France -factory is near byToulouse, Floss!!;))

HEFTI JEUNESSE from Switzerland

this is the new face of chocolate from Arab.
just one piece's price is around $10

Alnassma from Arab-
This is a rare chocolate made of camel milk
which is less fat. Good news for dieter;)

pls do not water form your mouth...hehe ;)))


I'd really love to hear of your lovely comments about your favorite or recomended chocolates?
It is so girly talking,isnt it? Free talking!! Come on ladies!!
My pleasure!!

These are made in Japan!



Setsubun and Mamemaki

February 3rd is 'Setsubun' in japan.
we usually throw soybeans called Mamemaki on the day for ceremony to drive away evil spirits.
Somehow Japnese evil images are like this..:D
very scarely dont they?How about you?

Mamemaki is usually performed by the toshiotoko of the household (i.e., the male who was born on the corresponding animal year on the Chinese zodiac), or else the male head of the household.

Roasted soybeans (called Fuku mame) are thrown either out the door or at a member of the family wearing an Oni (demon or ogre) mask, while the throwers chant "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" The words roughly translate to "Demons out! Luck in!"

It shows 'Fukumame' in Kanji. I bought this one at the supermarket yesterday:)

 The beans are thought to symbolically purify the home by driving away the evil spirits that bring misfortune and bad health with them. Then, as part of bringing luck in, it is customary to eat roasted soybeans, one for each year of one's life, and in some areas, one for each year of one's life plus one more for bringing good luck for the year to come.

People used to decorate the head of sardine with holly at the entrances as a ward off evil.  Nowdays we dont see that display

Mamemaki in kyoto Gion with Maiko-san


The Winner is..

Hi,lovely ladies!!
How's doing besides cold weather?
Hope you have happy time.

As you remember my giveaway??
Today is the Lucky day to be announced the winner.

NOW Drawing...very simple way,isnt it?

The Winner is...

my sweetly friend who is a wonderful craft lover in UK...


Congratulations Tracey 
Thank you for your always warmly friendship.


And also
It is so grateful for me other lovely bloggers' friendship
Have a happy week to you all!!
Keep warm
Take care of yourselves!!