Talk about Universe

Just interesting to talk about the planet ot universe.
I've just recieved email from Floss about last my post. and also i got some imformations from  japanese friends who study the planet very well.

i took the photo above last evening ,you know.
So it seems  that it's Jupiter not Venus so far
Firstly i thought it's Venus,
because it was so shining.

At this time
the moon and Venus and Jupiter
become very closer together.

I took this  unusual photo above last year.
( 2,December.2008)
Pls enlarge the photo.
Looks  smile mark,isnt it? Funny!!:)
The moon and Venus and Jupiter rendezvous!!

Why don't you look up the dark sky tonight with me?
We are far away but live on the earth.


I took this photo of half moon and venus star this evening. they looks so friendly and feels something warmful. LOVELY dont they?

Also surprisingly, Floss's son took the same moon and Venus. And she wrote the fact on her blog today. Floss lives in UK i live in Japan. huuum...




We were gathering at Shabu-shabu restaurant for my birthday celebrations.

Shabu-Shabu is a Japanese dish that is very popular overseas

People take the beef out as soon as its color changes and eat it dipped in their favorite sauce, such as soy sauce with citrus juice or sesame sauce.


Where my years gone?!

I am most grateful to my family.

Thanks  Yxxx...



Invitation for Cath party

Today i took part in Cath party- LissyLou and the 2 little boys .
What a wonderful cath party !! There are so many Cath goodies. Fantasic Cath world.

This is the only one of my Cath's.

I’m considering of some cushions for my sofa someday. 
Finally I went to Cath shop a couple of weeks. it is the only one store  in Osaka.(there are 6 stores in Japan though). there are variety of goodies.  I love Cath's fabrics, But 1m×1m fabric-price is  3800yen.Oh Priceless??

So I am still beginner...want some real imformation from you.  I'd like to know Cath more...


Colour Moment

It is clearly sunny day today.(24℃)
Japanese maple leaves(Momiji) are still in green
not change autumn coloured.

Consideringly it seems warm autumn actually
but...getting turn slowly

in front of mountain cherry tree leaves are become turning red colour a bit.
That's nice colour moment!!


Splash Award

I've just got 'Splash Award' from Michela.Wow! happy to me!!
Her blog is the second fab blog about wonderful Italian christmas story... Very sweety...
and she is always thinking of me and helping on blog land.
I'll pass to my wonderful blog friends as follows this time:

The Splash Award is given to "alluring, amusing, inspiring, bewitching, and impressive blogs"

The rules are:

1. Post the award on your blog
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I'd like to pass the award on to the following fab blogs:











Brilliant 'kitson' Just Landing!!!

Amazing!! I find a  new fashion brand 'Kitson' Japan. Getting popular here of course, women (who keen to about rare fashion) rush into the boutique
These are brilliant bags which covered with number of  span-coals.
Me?  i  get none of these yet so far.



just clouds ...

well... just add to paint a bit..;)

Lovely isnt it?

And just for you...



It was a good day. But it seemed something strange sky...

At last I found like as rainbow-


Autumn Greetings

This post is my the 70th post. Wow really? i cant believe to post them all by myself.

So I'll give you some most beautiful scene in Japan as thank you to all.


Aroma Time

I always feel comfortable with Aroma fregrance. 
I have 3 types for relaxing time- aroma pot, aroma light and aroma diffuser.

How do you feel?

aromapot inside a candlle

aroma light

aroma diffuser - aroma mist

I like aroma oil of grapefruite fregrance.  But  i dont like lavender one. Somehow i usually get headache,though...

What kind of aroma do you like?  and when do you aroma? As making relax or welcoming guests,gathering and so on...You might like scent...


It's almost 11:00pm here, I have to go to bed..
Good night !!


Why..Clock Problem?

As putting digital clock on my sidebar yesterday, but something wrong- Floss in France, Michela in Venice, Juanita in Switzerland...uuum i dont know why.
Anyway I'll write down the time on my posting though...:)

now it's 23:30 in Osaka

good night everyone


Award from Susie

I'm very glad to receive the award from Susie's country cottage yesterday.
I appreciate to Susie of thinking about me. Arigato!(Japanese)

Her blog shows us her wonderful cottage. As i found her blog,I was inspired her cottage life. For me myself it sounds so adorable and i am always look foward to reading the next posting.
So I'd like to passing the award to everyone. I love all of your blogs.
I'll put it on my saidebar and it makes my page improvement-so nice!

Have a nice week starting!

best wishes,



What Time Is It Now?

I just put the clock on my sidebar. because I'm not sure YOUR time.
You cant miss it.
Please tell me ;
What time is it now?

Thank you:)



History of...

I heard that it's booming of learning history among young girls in japan recentely. They adore of hero in those days-you know Samurai or Bushi.

530yrs ago,it was Muromachi-Period in japan. Samurai bushi fighten in a great struggle each other in order to control small land.

you might like the Kinkakuji temple built in those days. The tenple is covered with gold leaf so much. Very gorgeous!

By the way,i bought sweets in Kyoto before. I'm sure this is a kinda  tough and thin cookie or biscuit. Amazingly the store standed in the 15 century-for about 530yrs ago.Very long standing.

Basically the shop deal with soba.
Do you know soba? :)
Soba is made from this plant.  Soba is made of soba floor.
(Fagopyrum esculentum)
And another recipe, you might know  'galette' in France

The picture shows us the woman  making soba. Seems to cut with  a big knife.It is almost similar to make pasta,isnt it?


Face Font in Japanese?

So I'm not sure if you know face fonts as follows; for example
  (*^_^*) smile
 (ー_ー)!! angry or annoy
 (^o^) laugh with fun or pleasure
 (T_T) cry,sad,poor 
  (>_<) pain or something


Japanese email- we  use Japanese two-byte characters.  We believe that Japanese language sometimes misunderstand even japanese ourselves at reading-particularly short sentense. We need to pay attentions writing emails.Truly we dont want to make misunderstanding each other. So that it depens on case by case, we usually use face fonts at the end of sentense. just email or mobile mail between friends or family.
But never use at work and official of course.

anyway, you already remeber Kawaii (Japanese) -pretty,cute,

"Kawaii (*^_^*)”

On writing in Japanese;
When you say   'Glad to ...' 
we say 'Ureshii!!'(Japanese)   add to (^o^)
when you say ' I enjoy...'  we say 'Tanoshii!!'(Japanese)
 we use (^o^)or\(^o^)/  

but not exactly rule

I guess that face fonts can help to express our emotions more to others how we feel clearly.

Do you have any face fonts of one-byte characters?