Christmas Advent

Yesterday I was a bit lazy ..cloudy weather sometimes makes me unhappy though.. then i checked my mail box.. I found a parcel unusual..

i read its address..from M-I-C-H-E-L-A xxxxx Italy... Wow wow!! I jumped up then at the place/
Here's lovely goodies:)

Michela does remember my favorite colour-pink and white.This pretty necklace is Michela's made. I love them Arigato!!

How do I look?;)

Thank you so much Michela and I do appreciate your friendship.

* ☆ * ☆* ☆* ☆*

I joined Floss's 'A Pause in Advent'.

My family is non-Christian. However please allow me to join with you.
I would like to learn your Christmas very much.
 Also I feel Christmas season particularly and holly for me.
and it might be happy season for everyone.
we thank for our safety, good health and lots of happiness.

So I'm preparing for Christmas decorations for my house too.
I'll show you ordinarily family preparations
for Christmas as possible i could here.

I made this lease

this is a preserved -flower lease  smells good

family tree with LED lights
First Card I just received from Michela.;)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

POINCETTIA is the Christmas flower here of courseWe love its red leaves like as star-shape.

Very popular small pot for family plant

New face for this Christmas in Japan named from princess.

This is at my house

 Cyclamen also Christmas flower in Japan. Maybe its vivid colour.



I met and gathered with my old friends yesterday. Very fun!! I used to work with them several years ago... there are gorgeous maidenhair tree(ginkgo)along the Midosuji street in Osaka.  It is prepared for Christmas illuminations -from 1st of December. Midosuji street is 4km length from north to south. there are lots of banks or office..Office street


Tokyo Disney Land

Hi ,everyone !!How are you? Hope you'll have nice days.
I was at Tokyo Disney Land a couple of days and spent fabulous time with my daughter for our birthday trip. Disney Resort has Disney Sea and Disney Land in Japan.
Hope if you'll like them. ... Sorry i wanted to  post earlier but i was very tiered.
Now I'll show you some photos  of huge number of photos i took.

Background looks like as Venetian
 in Italy and we were boarding as a 
Venetian Gondola.

(beautiful blue sky but very chilly day )

called 'Candle Light Reflections'

Cinderella castle

and this is an another loved charactor 'Duffy'

Have a nice week!!


On The Stage

Hi,everyone. Hope you're all right.

I have to say a big thank you for all to make me cheer up at my recital.
Here's a hot pic..I'm on the stage  :)


Thank you to all

Wow!! what a warmly  comments these are!! Arigotou(=thank you)
I'm so happy to hear from all of them.  I've got encouragement from you.


And have a nice weekend to all!!



About Music..

Next sunday..it is supposed to be entry in a music recital for me.
Me?? YES!!!!! ME!!!!  Honestly I play this instrument called Electone Stagea of YAMAHA. i am the one of players among entries.

So...somehow it was creative day today..I decorated black hat with this sparkling blue span.  it needs to make performance  for all of  us players at the stage of course. We usually DO make costumes by ourselves actually.
Dont you  think  unusual me??? 

and  here is...

hehe...isnt it excellent??;)

BTW this time i have a  wonderful partner who is nice and pretty lady ,Itoshi.
she is 20yrs old student at university. She has been studying music.
we'll play together as a duet. We're playing 'Someday My Prince Will Come' which is arranged like as club music. So everyday we practice and practice...
Now I am little bit tense...Wow!!  I will do my best!!

(And sorry ..I dont visit your blogs and leave comments anything recently...)

Take care everyone!
See you soon!




Do you know Rakugo(which is the one of our culture) in Japan? 

It is too difficult to explain  for myself but Diane (who is professional at Rakugo in Japan) could do performance instead of me. (somehow strange??)
I promise she'll make you laugh at//

Have a nice Sunday!!

please click video↓

the First Day of Winter

According to the traditional East Asian Calender,today's (7th of Nov)the first day of winter. But still warm here. we have sun-shine.

Mountain is turning into  its winter colour??
Still deep autumn colour indeed..

From my small garden, I just planted violas -which are strong against winter (generally japan) -will bloom until spring...these are not flowers yet...I cant wait its growing up and lots of flowers.



Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Hi,everyone! It's me!! we have sunny good day today...

It just has been held a Chrysanthemum Exhibition. So why dont you come with me and enjoy it?

very large flowers

Every flowers looks very excellent and beautiful.

Aren't they so rare ones ? large flowers too!!

Ordinarily elderly people love plantation of them.
They are given great prizes and awards.

How do you enjoy?

 also..you can see a small castle over there...it is a spot of this city.

Hope you enjoy it.Have a nice week end!!
See you next week!



Shichi-Go-San (七五三, seven-five-three?) is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three and seven year-old girls and three and five year-old boys, held annually on November 15. As Shichi-Go-San is not a national holiday, it is generally observed on the nearest weekend.

This is my daughter ( at 7yrs old) with long candy bag called chitose-ame.
Chitose-ame (candy)is long ,thin,red and white candy- symbolizes healthy growth and longevity.