I went a park near by river yesterday. It was a beautiful day!
What an  attractive scenery!!
This flying carps called KOINOBORI in Japanese. We traditionally celebrate boys good health and happiness.  They also hoist koinobori, carp-shaped streamers that symbolize strength and success in life because Chinese legends say carp become dragons when they swim up whitewater rapids.

A big black carp is as a father,a red one as a mother,and small ones as children. They are stood at the family which have boys and we can often see KOINOBORI at this time. But these are across the river!! Fantastic!
Seem like as Carps are flying  or swimming in the blue sky.
It was a bit windy day but I felt very comfortable spring fresh air on my face.
Waters go fast..So nice!

Have a nice the rest of week and wonderful weekend!!


This is a messanger of..

Hello friends! it was a good day today and I walked seeing lovely Dogwood trees.  What a strange name!!

 We call it as Hanamizuki in Japanese which seem to come from USA in 1915.

We sent Sakura tree and the instead Dogwood from USA in those days  ;)
As a messenger of peace :)


..I am a Clivia

I am a Clivia which Mami's father is looking after very well at his garden....deviding the root of a plant , watering or giving some sunshine day by day
I'm at the entrance of the house.Still Spring air is chilly..I want some more sunshine...please !!

...and Mami's father is wanting to bloom for days,

...well,I feel warmer a bit..

..Is it the time?...now blooming!!

..how do i look?  Am I gorgeous? Am I pretty?
Mami's father seems to be so proud of me(Clivia) ahem!! :)
He looks so happy. I am very happy too!!
He has another some more pots which he looks forward to blooming. Soon or late, every pot is ready for flowering

Thank you for taking your time for today!

Have a nice week!

to all of you under the haze from Iceland Volcano, I hope you'll have comfortable time very soon. And also to some of you at the airport ,hope you'll be back to home safely and good rest very quickly. (there are few people at our airport...too poor)

Bleesed to you all!!




Hello friends! Hope you're all right and having relaxing weekend.
Now you know,Nature is certainly becoming to change -something strange. Earthquake,Volcanic eruption and weather. what's up? Our April is also unusual and we have cold April. Unexpected snow? chilly weather? Does it come back to winter? Fortunately Sakura is still blooming so we 're enjoying for long days than usual.  Although spring is going slowly actually.

This is an another kind of Sakura with beautiful pleats petal. YAESAKURA
It blooms late in April. Isnt it gorgeous? Somehow Sakura knows the time?
We enjoy spring beauty so much!

Have a nice rest of weekend !!


My trip

Hi, friends!! It has been so long to write about Singapore trip here. So I 've been busy as a bee after i came home. Because i guided my friend from Singapore to Kyoto ,Kobe,and Osaka-sight seeing, shopping and eating so many things.

And today I 'll show you a few of  my favorite Singapore photos here.
I had absolutely happy and pleasure time in Singapore which is very actively. Hope you'll enjoy!!

Clark Quey

 Cable car at Sentosa
 the Singapore River


Bird Park
 Ion is just  oped at Orchard street.

From 25th- story
Singapore Bay
Gyao!! Marlion

Oh my!! :) many photos i expected..

Thank you for visiting and taking your time with me!!

Have a great week!!!



Hi,I'm back here!! How are you!! Hope you'll enjoy your spring!!
So some of you know I was in Singapore last week,but wait.. i should show you Japanese Sakura Beauty until i'll start to write about  exciting Singapore trip.
 When i was back to home Sakura was totally blooming, I was about to miss Sakura blooming though..

As I was back, I went to Heian Shrine in Kyoto which has a obviously beautiful garden with pond and dropping cherry.         
Now here we go

..this is the Torii ( gate of the Shrine)

at the garden...isnt it gorgeous? wordless
it is dropping cherry called Shidare Sakura

                                                          how calm..

                              ..oops it's me! Hello!!    
                                                     beautiful reflections!!
                                   ..the ponds is like as a mirror

                                           Here's my neighborfood:)

Glad you'll have fun with me under the cherry blosooms!!

Have a nice day!