My trip

Hi, friends!! It has been so long to write about Singapore trip here. So I 've been busy as a bee after i came home. Because i guided my friend from Singapore to Kyoto ,Kobe,and Osaka-sight seeing, shopping and eating so many things.

And today I 'll show you a few of  my favorite Singapore photos here.
I had absolutely happy and pleasure time in Singapore which is very actively. Hope you'll enjoy!!

Clark Quey

 Cable car at Sentosa
 the Singapore River


Bird Park
 Ion is just  oped at Orchard street.

From 25th- story
Singapore Bay
Gyao!! Marlion

Oh my!! :) many photos i expected..

Thank you for visiting and taking your time with me!!

Have a great week!!!

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Dragonfly さんのコメント...

Great holiday! Thanks for sharing :-)

Juanita Tortilla さんのコメント...

Wow... I recognise the Orchard Road sign, and the Merlion, of course. The others are quite new to me! Hope you had a good time in Singapore.

Susie's country cottage さんのコメント...

Thank you for showing us your photos of Singapore. I have only seen Singapore from the air! I flew into the airport on my way to Australia but it was just a re-fuel so I didnt have time to see any of the city which is a shame because it looks very beautiful.

TK さんのコメント...

I am sure u had a nice time in Singapore. Singapore is our nearest neighbouring country. It's really a nice place to visit. Very clean country..

Chicken Boys さんのコメント...

Beautiful pictures. Lots of ships on the water in the second picture. Looks like you had a nice time.

zsazsazsu さんのコメント...

thank you for sharing. These are the first pictures I have ever seen from Singapore, now I know where Juanita Tortilla is coming from ;-)

Steph さんのコメント...

Singapore is an amazing place. I would love to visit and explore sites and history there. I love your picture from Sentosa. Sounds like a busy, but good trip.


Green thumb さんのコメント...

Hi Mami! Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures! xxx

Olga さんのコメント...

These are very beautiful photos. Great you had such a good trip! I'm a new follower :P