White Elephant Swap

Amazing!! Just received this wonderful presents from Della in USA on White Elephant Swap this afternoon.

A wonderful chic scarf with fringe
And gorgeous pierced earrings
With lovely message card

I love them all.Thank you so much.

And it is thankful to Juanita's organizations on this swapping. How exciting untill i recieved a parcel who would send me.



Just Started

Hi,thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I'd love to read  your resolutions of 2010 something. Many thoughtful resolutions are there. Thinking of ourselves is important. My resolution is to be kind to someone and to myself.:) 
Past 2009 i was a bit selfish though..I was in a hurry maybe..oops
dont forget  always smiling :)))

Anyway we used to say "January is passing, Feburary is running away, March is leaving"  What do you mean?- As you know "Time flies" seems like as the same.

And another word "the whole year's plans are made on New Year's Day”
you can say "Monday is the key of the week"..?

So January is that we are standing at the starting position. Set-ready-go!!

Have a great weekend to all!!



Finally Reached at 100 Posts over...

Hello to all, I've been away from writing or visiting you on blogland for a few weeks.  Hope you're all right.

 Here is a crane with origami as a friendship -called 'ori-zuru' in japanese.
Hope keeping in touch longer...

BTW, to my amazingly my blogging reached  at 100 posts over. My lovely blog followers are 31 people. Truly glad to see you! Arigato!!
 And on my sidebar ,visitors  from 53 different countries  of the world so far.

So... consideringly i'll have a giveaway as  the 100th post anniversary.

Please leave your lovely comments and about your resolutions of 2010 by the 31th of January here. The winner will be choosen by very fairly drawing :-)  Please in a hurry!!
Then I'll send e-mail to the lucky person of the winner.




Ukulele Sound

I had an ukulele lesson today.  My teacher Hayashi gave me a new score-First Love by Hikaru Utada who is a wonderful female japanese singer.
Do you know Hikaru Utada?
It's a beautiful Japanese song.
Here's Jake Shimabukuro plays 'First Love' with ukulele.
Isnt it wonderful? It makes me or you )heal so much.

How do you like it?


New Year -oshogatsu

Happy New Year to all!! Wishing you and your family a very happy this 2010.

We can say new year in japanese called Oshogatsu.

I'd like show you a traditional japanese New year


Kagami-mochi are offerings
to the god of the New Year

Osechi-New year's food

Hatsumode at the shrine

new year's visit to a shrine

Omikuji-paper fortune

my daughter is wishing something...
Many people also draw sacred lots to learn
their fortune for the new year.

Tontoーfire at the shrine


We have zoni 1st Jan. morning as a breakfast
Each area also has its own a special New Years soup
containing rice cakes.


new year's greeting post-cards

PS)Did you look up full moon yesterday?
In fact, it seems that has been  365 years of the first day in New Year