Is IT A Bottlebrush?

As you know, this is a kitchen tool. Glad you have :D I dont have :-)

I saw this uniquely plant yesterday at neighbors garden. It is rarely here.
Bottlebrush (Callistemon) is a genus of 34 species of shrubs in the family Myrtaceae. The majority of Callistemon species are endemic to Australia; four species are also found in New Caledonia. They are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush. They are found in the more temperate regions of Australia, mostly along the east coast and south-west, and typically favour moist conditions so when planted in gardens thrive on regular watering. However, at least some of the species are drought-resistant.

Did you  finish to wash glasses as well?

Have a nice weekend!!

Mami from Japan


S is for 'Spanish Steps'

Hi,friends!Hope you all Ok.
I'll join the class of Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday.

As you know,this picture is...Yes!! Spanish Steps in Rome!!!
.. I'm going to entry the concert in next June and I suppose to play the composed song by Yasuhiro Kobayashi who is the famous accordionist called coba - 'The Temptation Of Spainish Steps'. The song is so exciting!! and i play the accordion sounds with the electrical organ.

However unfurtunately i've never visit to Spanish Steps also Italy  so I couldnt come out  images just pictures as well.
Please let me know about the Spanish Steps whatever you have images or ideas. anything OK

...how come my dear Italian Friend Michela? ;)

Thank you very much to visit for today!!

Have a nice Thusday and the rest of the week!!



Q is for Quit something..and Queue

Hello!! I've been absent from Alphabe Thursday but today I 'm glad to take part in..
So today's letter is Q.  Q is Very difficult to find words but  absolutely interesting to know others' postings!! 

Why dont you play?

I' ll choose 'quit'
This story is very serious and secret especially to my husband..heehee :)
I'll write about 'quit something' now. You might already notice of the story..

My husband had been smoking for years (about 10yrs) and he had 40-50 cigars for a day. Terrible!!!  I hate smoking and its smell even get headache.
I had been asking him to quit smoking for years , of course. However he didnt say YES. Gee..
At last, he decided to quit smoking 10 months ago for his coming years. For him? .. for me and for us!! Right?  The healthy life is necessary
How long i've been wanting for his decision!!  And he positively  quit smoking in just 3 weeks.  A big present for me than anything, isnt it?
The fact is so gratified me.

After quiting, he gains not only good condition but also too much? wight though..  I have another worry.. I have to ask him to quit sweets, anyway.. :(

But i think quit something is hard work but positively thing.  Be sure something good things would happen.

And another Q is for queue..do you like in a queue in front of the restaurant or anyplace?

This photo shows us  People were waiting for advanced reservations before the sale in a long queue for hours during  over night last day. Wow!!

i am not in a queue..though

So today is still cold here..why?? already May isnt it?  Hope your weather is fine!!

If you want know more others posting,please visit Jenny Matlock

Thanks :)



Hi, friends!! Hope you all spent your special Happy Mother's Day..

...this pretty pretty carnations  from my son and daughter to me yesterday.
It is so grateful and blessing to myself on that day :) 

On Saturday, I went to pray the Myoshinji temple in kyoto for my husband's Mother Yoshiko(passed away last year). This is one of the highest and histrical temple in Kyoto of Japan.

As i found the message as bellow for us written by the temple's priest on the boad so I'll try to translate in English a bit.

it says ; 
When Mother is(alive) here ,
you feel comfortable. 
When Mother isnt here,
you feel vacancy.


Have a nice week!!


A lot of Sunshine and Colours

We had national holidays last 7 days called 'Golden Week' in Japan. Our family decided to spend holidays for family time or relaxing. Luckily we had a lot of sunshine during  holidays. 

...enjoying  badminton ...hee hee. Lots of fun!!! ( It has been long time for playing with my daughter)-so we were not good players actually though...:-o

..today was raining but trees with green leaves looks so delightful ;)
Good for eyes isnt it? Vitamin colour for us.
I bought this hydrangea pot last day.This flower matches in the rains.I like blue one!!
..flying carps in the sky
..goldish carps in the pond