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I visited Kyoto yesterday. I went to called 'Hanamikouji street' which seems kyoto itself, needless to say it is the heritage. Some foreign tourists visit often.Very popular spot. If you come to Japan,you'll stop by once and you couldn't miss it.
Now I'll lead you old constructions in Kyoto.
You might like...

There are lots of alley in Kyoto.

Maiko-san not Geisha girls who train lots of thing for several years.


What Is Your Vintage?

One of the representative ingredients, "umeboshi" (plums which have been pickled in salt and dried in the sun), is extremely sour in Japan.

Here is' the Vintage' of my  mom's- made umeboshi in 2003.  It is the only original one.  It has kept sleeping at back of the cupboard in the kitchen for several years.  It is the special things for me with another reason.

So now may i ask ..?

basically... what 's meaning 'Vintage'?

And What is your Vintage?

We(Japanese oursevels) can say..
 vintage wine,vintage jeans,vintage suits ...whatever.
Are they correct expressions or nuance?



Silver Week Holidays

From last Saturday to tomorrow for 5 days ,we have been on national holidays in September called 'Silver Week' in Japan.  Also 30th April -5th May are  holidays called 'Golden Week'.
Silver Week is including Autumnal Equinox Day and Respecting Elder People Day.  As family and people go out for leisure,everywhere is crowd,though.  Yesterday i went shopping at the renewal opened department store at this time. It was extremely crowded with many many people.

Anyway Today...

i made a sponge cake with this rice cooker. Can you believe it?  This is good information from my Canadian friend.


After then switch on rice cooker. you just wait until the switch off.


then Turn up-down


This is absolutely successful sponge cake!!!  Perfectly!!

If you have rice cooker and you want to try,I'll tell you the recipe. Please email me freely.

Thanks ♡


Why Not Cath...?

Also in japan,it is booming definitely well-known 'Cath Kidston' recently.  I am inspired about her pretty design. Pretty! Kawaii(in japanese)

Finally i bought this magazine 'Cath Kidston' with her  original bag inside of it.

Some bloggers background are her design,arent they?

I'm looking the rose designed dishes. uuum...kawaii!!(japanese again!)))

How do you like it?

There are  not so many stores here yet.  too Bad!!


A Big Thank You All with A Big Smile

Now I appreciate to all of you who sent me kindly and warmly comments for my last post.
 I feel happy to have nice friends.
Today is happy day!!

 A big thank you
with a big smile:

This is a small present for you!!


About blogging...

I always feel big thank you of all who visit and leave comments in my site.
As blogging, i realize that reading any other blogs is pretty useful for me than writing blog. Cooking,gardening, crafting and more.  Practically I have been writing my blog in Japanese site too. Also in our country,some people have their own blog. However we might shy and keep guard of ourselves. So considering,i guess japanese blogs are different from foreign blogs on some rules.To me myself,setting up foreigh blog in English was very adventurous thing.I should study English harder of course. Although i would like to touch in other country people and want to know many other countries. i live in just a small world though.

For example,about communication-award,giveaway,swap whatever I don't know. we dont have some of them. Now I'm really confusing and lost my way. Pls tell the way to keep blogging!  if it is possible as well for me, i'll take part in some activeties,but I dont know details

How do you comunicate?

Would you please let me know and advise some hints about blogging here. I  appreciate to all of who read my blog and sorry to waste of your time.



Looking down

 First to say, i appreciate to all your warmly comments of my last post about my daughter.Thank you so much.she is well now.

Now looking down, these are the view from the 30th floors at the restaurant where i had lunch with my daughter.
Finally today i'll show you some photos of Osaka where i live little bit.

You see plenty of buildings there .This is the center of osaka,but littile bit the edge of area.Actually i live at a small city far from here one hour drive. However we usually go out by local train. we dont have to care of parking or traffic jam,it can be easy to move.

Now it shows development,the capital city is becoming how?


Tonyu Nabe

This is a Japanese Donabe.

My daughter seems to get  stomache bit. So i need to serve her soft and hot meal tonight. I decided to make Tonyu Nabe. Tonyu is soy milk and makes warm her .
mix with cabbage or any other  vegetables,and simmer with soy milk. Adding to rice and udon noodle a little together is my original idea for her .Considerlingly rice porridge is good for everyone!! 
Hope she will get  better soon.
Take care everyone!!


Full Moon

Did you see full moon from your place yesterday?
As i wanted to see more clearly,so i have a small and good tool.
Wow...nice !! 

We'll see the harvest moon next month. Mostly we celebrate litlle bit on the day,making chinese rice balls and flower arrangement.It has been  so romantic night since old days.

How do you feel on that day?

good night


Making Warm

As reading blogs  I often got a lots of hints.So today the ungrourme gave me a hint, i decided to make stew with milk called it as a' white stew' which is particularly popular among kids.  Considering we  have been staying  air-conditioned places during a couple of months in  heat summer,so we need to make the body warm up and something to have hot meals. Soup or stew are very nice  to recover our cooler body now. Arigato!!(=Japanese)

these are the pleasure for kids

My daughter loves pumpkins and she found heart shaped carrots and flower shaped one

yummy! today's stew is brilliant!!