What Is Your Vintage?

One of the representative ingredients, "umeboshi" (plums which have been pickled in salt and dried in the sun), is extremely sour in Japan.

Here is' the Vintage' of my  mom's- made umeboshi in 2003.  It is the only original one.  It has kept sleeping at back of the cupboard in the kitchen for several years.  It is the special things for me with another reason.

So now may i ask ..?

basically... what 's meaning 'Vintage'?

And What is your Vintage?

We(Japanese oursevels) can say..
 vintage wine,vintage jeans,vintage suits ...whatever.
Are they correct expressions or nuance?


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Janie さんのコメント...

Hi Mami,
I have never had pickled plums, but I'm sure your vintage supply is delicious.
We also use "vintage" to describe dresses, jeans, or wines. I believe it means old, classic, or mature.

Floss さんのコメント...

Yes, I think that 'old, classic and mature' are all good definitions of vintage. It means something that is valued because of its age, rather than useless because it is old.

Those plums are truly vintage!

Michela さんのコメント...

Hi Mami! What a special memento of your dear mum you have!
According to the dictionary ....
1. the wine from a particular harvest or crop.
2. the annual produce of the grape harvest, esp. with reference to the wine obtained.
3. an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year.
4. the time of gathering grapes, or of winemaking.
5. the act or process of producing wine; winemaking.
6. the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use.

7. of or pertaining to wines or winemaking.
8. being of a specified vintage.
9. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.
10. old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes.
11. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O'Neill.

I think most people use this word to mean just old-fashioned.
Personally, being a bit fussy, I prefer to buy new things, but lately we're adding some vintage stuff at home.

Tracey さんのコメント...

Nice to meet you Mami, you can always rely on Michela to put you right, she is so intelligent!
Lovely blog.....Tracey XXX

Duchess of Tea さんのコメント...

I would love to taste your mum's vintage plums. They look absolutely delicious...I am a big fan of sour and pickled food.

Love & Hugs

the ungourmet さんのコメント...

Yes we use the expression vintage here too and in the same way. I would love to try these plums! I have seen them in the store but I bet they are not as nice as your moms!

Angela さんのコメント...

Your Mum's vintage plums look delicious - but not sure if they look "kawaii"!
I make chutney using plums, onions and vinegar to serve with cold meats and cheeses. How do you serve your plums?
Blessings x