About blogging...

I always feel big thank you of all who visit and leave comments in my site.
As blogging, i realize that reading any other blogs is pretty useful for me than writing blog. Cooking,gardening, crafting and more.  Practically I have been writing my blog in Japanese site too. Also in our country,some people have their own blog. However we might shy and keep guard of ourselves. So considering,i guess japanese blogs are different from foreign blogs on some rules.To me myself,setting up foreigh blog in English was very adventurous thing.I should study English harder of course. Although i would like to touch in other country people and want to know many other countries. i live in just a small world though.

For example,about communication-award,giveaway,swap whatever I don't know. we dont have some of them. Now I'm really confusing and lost my way. Pls tell the way to keep blogging!  if it is possible as well for me, i'll take part in some activeties,but I dont know details

How do you comunicate?

Would you please let me know and advise some hints about blogging here. I  appreciate to all of who read my blog and sorry to waste of your time.


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Michela さんのコメント...

Hi Mami!
What is happening to you??? Don't give up on blogging!
Blogging is fun! I'm blogging in English too despite the fact that I'm Italian and I don't know very well this mysterious language!
Hope you will continue your adventure, my sweet Japanese friend!
A big hug!

Floss さんのコメント...

Hello Mami - we find it it difficult to learn all the new blogging words, too, even the English and Americans! Please don't panic!

I found some of the ideas and rules very complicated at first, and people were kind and understanding to me. They will be even kinder to you, because you are working in a foreign language!

Please email me if you want any explanations of anything, and don't be afraid to ask bloggers what their rules are.

Usually, for a giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment and then a name will be chosen at random - so you have a chance to win something! Very easy, very fun.

Swaps are more complicated, and all have their own rules. But if you ever want to join one, write to the organiser and ask her to explain the rules very simply. She should be OK with that.

We like having you here (and Michela too) in the English blogging world. And not ONE of us could write a sentence in Japanese, so we all think you are very clever.

Have a good weekend!

CountryDreaming さんのコメント...

Dear Mami,

I love your blog just the way it is, am happy to know you, and hope we can call each other friends some day. A Japanese 101 teacher taught me the phrase, "lemon person." And that a lemon person is someone who is refreshing in a bright, sunshiney good way. If this is so, I would like to say that you are a really nice lemon person. And your writings about your life and Japanese culture is a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing!

As for awards, giveaways, swaps, please feel welcome to participate or not participate just as far as you feel comfortable. Someone was kind enough to give me a blog award when I first started, but I was so new that beyond saying "thank you," I did not reply. They wanted me to pass the award on to others but I didn't know anybody else!

As for giveaways, I may do that someday since I'm an artist. I've never done a blog giveaway before, so this is new to me too!

Janie さんのコメント...

Hi Mami,
I think you're very adventurous to do a blog in English! You do very well in expressing yourself. You don't need to worry about doing awards or tags or giveaways unless you want to. Some bloggers do those things and others do not. You participate in the Skywatch meme, don't you? That's a good way to get readers to visit your blog, and then you can visit theirs. My World Tuesday is another fun meme that you might enjoy participating in.
I hope you keep blogging as long as you enjoy it.

the ungourmet さんのコメント...

Hello Mami!

I love your blog! I always smile when I see you've been to my blog. You are such a nice person. I can tell you are sweet and kind!

Don't quit your blogging. Not everyone does contests and giveaways. You can give an award to someone if you want to. Just copy one from a blog you like and save to your desktop. Then you can put it in your post to pass on if you feel like it. There are several awards that get passed around a lot.

I think it's great if you just keep talking about your life, taking pictures and visiting your favorite blogs. That's really all that I do!

Don't worry, you are doing just fine! :0)

juanitatortilla さんのコメント...

Don't be dishearted Mami, or think of giving up.
If I can every write ONE sentence in German (I am learning German, now), I will consider it a BIG SUCCESS. But you, you're blogging in English!
We understand you perfectly, don't worry.
Bloggers are usually very nice people, and they will take the time to explain something, if you ask. So, don't be afraid to ask.