How are you? Hope you're all well.

So we are enjoying the full moon tonight.

Tsukimi or Otsukimi, literally moon-viewing, refers to Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon. We celebrate the autumn full moon.

As looking up the full moon, theMoon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the moon.(because of its crater).

This cute sweet (manjyu in Japan)which i found in the town looks like as a rabbit.

Still terrible  heat summer now. Where is the Autumn?
Take care all!

mami from Japan


Fireworks in the rain..

Hello Friends! How are you enjoying your season? We're finally having the last of summer. Feels to be going to be cooler day by day than past a couple of months.

We saw fireworks show in my town by the river.
It is the thing of summer. So many people were there to enjoy looking up the fireworks in the cloudy and gray sky.
( Pictures is too bad in the rain.  )

We can see a lot of small food boothes along the river.

 .. dificult to be taken firework photos though..and this is the one what left in my camera.:( 

See you soon.
Take care!:)



An Old Thing of Summer and Wabi-Sabi

These pictures are one of the old thing of summer in Japan called Tsurishinobu - a kind of a hanging plant with a bell. These plants are ferns on the old branch or rock.

Gardeners used to present for the owners of gardens in those days.
Tsurishinobu are enjoyed to be hanged by the entrance and windows at the house. And it has a bell sounds like as a windbell.  The bell is also a charm .Feels good and cool.
They didnt have any air-conditioners just seeing and hearing, but feel cool.
This is the one of  Japanese Wabi-Sabi.

See you soon!

afar from heat Japan,



I Got A Rhythm

Hello friends! Hope you're all right. We have hot days here ,though..
Today I just want to tell you about music contest  the 2th of July. It was really excited recital in my music life. Cant believe- I got a gold prize
Now I tried to upload the video and here is the end of the song.
The song is  'Girl Cragy' from  the musical 'I Got A Rhythm'.

Thank you for seeing.  Glad you enjoy while a time.

See you soon.
Take care!




Hi, all! Hope you're having good time.

Now rainy season has come here in Japan. And today the 2nd typhoon is a big scale coming. It isnt raining this morning.
But It's still May.  Nature is strange now all of the world, isnt it?

The photos as  below; @ a small garden near my town.
Also it is a enjoyable rose season!


Have a nice weekend,everyone!

See you soon!



Japanese Wisteria

Hi, friends!!  Hope you're enjoing your wonderful season.

We had holidays called Golden week in japan for last 10 days.
One day me and husband went to Kyoto and saw these wonderful Japanese garden and beautiful Fuji flower.  You know Mt.Fuji in Japan,dont you? And also this flower is called Fuji and pronouced in japanese.
This wisterias are in the temple.  Seems this  blossoms  are the most beautiful in these ten years. 
Hope you'll  enjoy for seeing!!

Mostly wisterias have light purple or mouve colour.
But these are rarely pink colour.
,,,gorgeous cluster

Have a wonderful week!
See you soon!


Aloha from Japan

A couple of months ago i had ukulele recital. 

My friend and me played the ukleles with drums,piano,and guitar players.
Really excitement!

...this pink flower is called Angelica tulip on our each head :D

...and this is a called Paukirt from Hawaii!!   isnt it pretty?

...this pauskirt with many hibisucuses is used  in Hawaian dancing.
But I can not dancing.

Have a nice weekend and take care!!



Sakura with me

Hello, everyone!  Hope you're all well.
Big thank you all for thinking of Japan.

It is just beautiful spring now.
We re certainly almost forgot this beautiful scenary by the tragedy.
So I'd like to share with you all.


Have a nice weekend and enjoy your spring! ;)



Finally winter has gone and spring is here.
even in hard times
Today I just found this cherry flowers.
It's starting to bloom before April.



Thank you so much

Hi, all  my friends!!!

Thank you so much for so kindly comments on my last post about earthquake of Japan.  And i greatly appreciate your countries helping for us.
Sorry to write too late.

We all Japanese people ask to ourselves everyday what we could DO now.

Actually most of suffering people ( lost home) are still staying at evacuation shelters.
Everything is gone away by Tsunami.
There are a lot of difficult problems.
  Tsunami broken roads and highway. 
It is difficult to carry relief things, no gas,no electiricity,no gasoline...

Finally some of them decide to move for another safety place. Because some local authorities get ready for reception.

We are nervous about the radioactivity in Fukushima Prefecture too.
My family is distance from Fukushima. 
But neighbors worry about contamination a lot
They should refuge outside 30km from reactors by instruction of government.

Take carexx

Speak soon



To all my friends!!

First  to say, great thank you to all for thinking of me and us in this huge earthquake in Japan.
 As my family live in osaka far from the focus of this earthquake.
My family and me are all right.
This earthquake was M9.0 and Tsunami was 10m  more over. This area had a great seawall of 10m.  However tsunami got over that seawall so high. Terrible!! Nobody knows!! Everything has been destroyed by the tsunami.  Plenty of people passed away and 35,000 people lost thier houses and still  under so quite hard situation.
 Seems too hard to recovery.  Still aftershock is still contenueing everyday.

Thank you very much again.
You really cheer us up.

See you soon,
Take care!

Mami from Japan