Japanese Wisteria

Hi, friends!!  Hope you're enjoing your wonderful season.

We had holidays called Golden week in japan for last 10 days.
One day me and husband went to Kyoto and saw these wonderful Japanese garden and beautiful Fuji flower.  You know Mt.Fuji in Japan,dont you? And also this flower is called Fuji and pronouced in japanese.
This wisterias are in the temple.  Seems this  blossoms  are the most beautiful in these ten years. 
Hope you'll  enjoy for seeing!!

Mostly wisterias have light purple or mouve colour.
But these are rarely pink colour.
,,,gorgeous cluster

Have a wonderful week!
See you soon!

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zsazsazsu さんのコメント...

amazing indeed !

Michela さんのコメント...

I always thought of Japanese people as great gardeners! (and great picture takers, LOL!)Konnichiwa Mami, it's always lovely to hear from you!

Tracey さんのコメント...

Really beautiful photographs, I would love to see them in reality! xxx