greetings to all

Thank you to all of your friendship this year. I'm very glad to see you on the blogland. I learn so mamy things from you. You cheer me up. Thank you so much. Arigato. Wishing your health and happiness next 2010.

so today I'm preparing for the new year party tomorrow and making organization for the New Year.



Family Party at Christmas

Also the day before Christmas Eve is the birthday of  the Emperor of Japan. So it was National Holiday in Japan. 

We were already in Christmas mood on that day. But it was still 23th Dec. Somehow we call that day,Eve-eve (Eve of Eve)  Cant wait!!

At my party;

prepared for kanishabu(shabushabu of crabs)-very fun and yummy!!

drinking a bit or more...hehe

Christmas Cake: ordinarily most of Japanese family used to buy and order decoration cakes at PATISSURIE for the party.  PATISSIER in japan have been trained harder long time in  other countries, Paris ,London, Italy...whatever...they are very skillful and excellent.  this Macarons cake is for us. it's new design for me.

fresh strawberries

It was the show time by myself with ukulele. I played 'Silent night Holy night'

It was so much fun.
How was your family Christmas?



My dad sent me some pictures yesterday: This is the Osaka- jo Castle.

My dad pauses so lovely in front of camera doesnt he?.:)

reflections at the moat of castle -favorite photo
uum nice barance isnt it?

this is  a small souvenir shop at another place
 the man of shop owner
is frying tempra of maple leaves in salt


what do you describe about this year in just one word?

When we look back at this year ,we used to figure out in japanese Kanji.

How do you feel like whole of this year?
How can you image if you describe that?
we vote for our idea of kanji.
Every year at this time, the high priest of Kiyomizu temple  in Kyoto writes down  like this...

Calligraphy is a creative art form which attempts to express spiritual depth and beauty by means of kanji and kana characters written with a brush and sumi (ink).
Ad the Priest are just writing -we pronounce it  'shin' and means 'New'
 It describe that  'People have been worrying about accepting something new to ourselves through this year around us.

For example.. new administration of Hatoyama, spread of the new influenza virus and whatever new...

Anyway we wish we were more safely and happier and kept peace at coming next year.

Have a nice weekend!!


Candle Night

Our region we have as a ecological event  called 'Candle Night of 1,000,000 people'.
Plenty of candles put on the street. How brilliant!!

2-hours -6:00pm to 8:00pm
Turn off the light
 and put on the light in your heart

and i try it for myself at home

It was so quite and calm.


Illuminations in Osaka 2009 #1

Dont you already notice my sidebar?
Yes my temporarily blog. Today i just updated. Pls come over if you have time.



Advent #2

Advent #2
I' m joining wonderful Floss's 'A Pause In the Advent'
I'm glad to be given a chance to talk about Christmas with you.


In fact,it reminds me another Christmas memory..

Last December,our family had faced with harder situation  than ever.  Because my lovely mum was very serious illness. She was attacked by cancer. Still in bed at home at that time. we were taking care and nursing for her as possible as we could. Of course doctor came over to see her once a week and whenever she needed to care. My mum wanted to stay home. But her condition  itself was getting worse day by day. She needed much more medical care and therapy at hospice.  (You wouldnt know we dont have so many hospice in japan.) there are  a few hospice in our region.

Then we all decided to go hospice for my mum at Christmas Eve. In fact,Christmas Eve became the last dinner with mum at home.  Next day was Christmas and we sent my mum to hospice by ourselves of course. My mum wasnt very good condition. Even 10minutes drive.
I stayed at hospice  and spend with her at the night.
I remebered  even Christmas songs was far from me.. I couldnt hear anything..Too sad.  But very preivious time for us each other.

Although  I learned very important phrases  from our doctor as follows ( He is a christian)
 It gave me encouragements so much.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world;as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.


I do apologize to tell you very personally things at this time.  Pls forgive me.

Now i will overcome.. my mum is always in my heart with me.

Here's a Christmas Carol well-known Amazing Grace


The End of Autumn

Our autumn goes very slowly,isnt it?  Simply beautiful.  I love the atomosphere around here.

Why dont you take a walk with me ?

I walked up and crunched through fallen leaves
on red carpet;)


The other hand Christmas season already has come anywhere.
I say goodbye to lovely season and welcome coming winter.



What a gorgeous poinsettia!!  They're  new colours in this season in japan. They are real flowers.It is rapidly getting spread use of biotechnology,isnt it?

Have you ever seen blue one?


A view from...

As i open the window, I can see beautiful view.
We're enjoying deep autum now.



It begins...
December is particularly busy for us. we say Shiwasu as a December-it means priests also run in hurry because it is the last month of year. And we have to prepare for a new year.Many things for it.

Japanese people have a custom of doing a general year-end cleaning of both the inside and outside of their homes to greet the New Year Of course more than usual. organization more than usual too.
Many things have to be.  it is necessary to be done before new year comes
It is a custom for preparation  for new year.

somehow we say BUSY...though :(


Christmas Advent

Yesterday I was a bit lazy ..cloudy weather sometimes makes me unhappy though.. then i checked my mail box.. I found a parcel unusual..

i read its address..from M-I-C-H-E-L-A xxxxx Italy... Wow wow!! I jumped up then at the place/
Here's lovely goodies:)

Michela does remember my favorite colour-pink and white.This pretty necklace is Michela's made. I love them Arigato!!

How do I look?;)

Thank you so much Michela and I do appreciate your friendship.

* ☆ * ☆* ☆* ☆*

I joined Floss's 'A Pause in Advent'.

My family is non-Christian. However please allow me to join with you.
I would like to learn your Christmas very much.
 Also I feel Christmas season particularly and holly for me.
and it might be happy season for everyone.
we thank for our safety, good health and lots of happiness.

So I'm preparing for Christmas decorations for my house too.
I'll show you ordinarily family preparations
for Christmas as possible i could here.

I made this lease

this is a preserved -flower lease  smells good

family tree with LED lights
First Card I just received from Michela.;)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

POINCETTIA is the Christmas flower here of courseWe love its red leaves like as star-shape.

Very popular small pot for family plant

New face for this Christmas in Japan named from princess.

This is at my house

 Cyclamen also Christmas flower in Japan. Maybe its vivid colour.



I met and gathered with my old friends yesterday. Very fun!! I used to work with them several years ago... there are gorgeous maidenhair tree(ginkgo)along the Midosuji street in Osaka.  It is prepared for Christmas illuminations -from 1st of December. Midosuji street is 4km length from north to south. there are lots of banks or office..Office street