Family Day and Okonomiyaki

I went to Okonomiyaki restaurant with my family on Saturday. Okonomiyaki is like as a japanese pancake.

we sit in front of a teppan ; big iron plate is on the table

setting ;

we use a big kote (fish slice) at making or turning over


add to your favorites:meat,cheese,mochi,seafood,corn whatever.
Maybe it is similar to pizza?? Although it is different from pizza.

we were waiting until a Waiter made all of our orders .
Glad to nice meeting ,keeping good health each others and so on...

We useally dont have much time talking each others so that we talked a lot with pretty fun.

then we plaster okonomiyaki sauce and toss mayonnaise and aonori.Egg is special order for my son

omusoba is :roll up soba with egg like omelet

see..mayonaise art a bit??

Seems juicy;

They were definitely nice and soft and flaffy...yum.yum...
we were all stuffed and satisfied okonomiyaki.

How about your weekends?
Have a nice day!!


Visiting to Kyoto

OnThursday,my husband and me visited Kyoto。They are held the exhibition of LUVRE Collections at Kyoto museum now. It was definitely great.We can see the Eoropian pictures in the 17th century. You know,we are not allowed taking any photos of the exhibits, though. this is the Kyoto museum in Japan.

The picture of bellow is just a leaflet. ↓
Now shown us this picture was painted by Johannes Vermeer.The woman is knitting lace-works. 

Then we went to the Heian Shrine which is quite historical shrine .
This is called Torii as its gate. Torii is the simbol of Shinto structure.

And let me take you these ancient structures. Mostly foreigners visited here must be impressed.

This is the entrance of it.

These displayed Japanese sake are as oblations for shrine.

That shrine has many beautiful japanese gardens. But we didnt visit to see at that time..I promise to show you another dialy.sorry...

anyway ,the Kamogawa river goes through kyoto .

Kyoto has many narrow alleyways.


Gangarabi Festival of Fire

Yesterday the 24th August, we had an annual traditional festival which called Gangarabi festival of Fire in my region. Have you heard of Daimonji in Kyoto? Gangarabi is similar to Kyoto's.

The commonly called Festival of Fire is the climax of the annual grand festival。Carrying large torches of an old pine tree -100 kg weight and 4m length, go up the small mountain cleansing them with the falling sparks. Also it says that summer is over. We thank for keeping us safe or good health.
At the top of the mountain, it appered large [大] shaped japanese Kanji with fire torches which means big or laege . i looked up while a time.
Summer has gone.

This morning,looking up the sky...uum...

Fall is coming sooner,we feel something cool breeze and air


Let's Roll Up

I'll show you another recipe.This is the one of favorite dishes of my family. I rolled up greenaspalagus and beansprouts with thinly pork meat (called like shabushabu in japan) I used to put into kid's lunch boxes when they went to school. uum...Yummy and crispy... I like this combination very much.

Now let's roll up!! you roll boiled asparagus and fresh beansprouts like this.

Here you are!...Excellent!!

And then toast them on the pan carefully. Don't burn!!

So you toss soy-sauce ,sugar,mirin and glinted ginger. And then boil the sauce down until it becomes to appear its glaze as like a caramel sauce. It smells goooooooooood!

I guess it goes with any sauce what you like,tomato sauce,mexican sauce,chili sauce. Any sauce is OK. For myself , we used to like soy sauce taste. Do you have any ideas for ?

See you next yummy time! Have a nice day!


1000 access over

After blogging i put a visitor counter as a gadget on my site. So today my counter reach 1000 access over. Thank you for visiting.And i hope to keep more touching in everyone. Arigatogozaimasu.

Take care



Hot Summer

After Obon here in Japan,it has to be getting hot actually. I feel something dull though.
This flower is definitely pretty yellow hibiscus which makes me happy and cheer up. Hibisucus bloom one by one every morning at my porch.

And one more... you might like ...heart-shape fireworks

Have a nice week!! (Hope cool summer a bit)




we had an exited fireworks festival near my town.



Obon (around mid-August ); the Festival of Souls. In this festival a variety of foods are offered to the spirits of ancestors, and their repose prayed for. People who have moved to the cities to work return to their home towns during this period.

Today is the first day during Obon. I guess Obon and Oshogatsu(the New Year)is very ritual custom

To be honest...i just got lost my precious lovely mother 6 months ago. I STILL cant believe the fact. i am really missing her.My father asked our Buddhist priest(called Obosan who lives in the temple)) to come to house and prey for her,so that we gathered to my parents house as like most of Buddhist do that.
As the Buddhist, we believe that soul always return to home,so we 're calmly waiting for my mother .

Anyway this is the special food for today. we celebrated mommy's return.



Here's a circular of local supermarket in a newspaper. So ..i decided to make SUKIYAKI at home for today. Then i went shopping.

These are the ingredoents. chinese cabage,onion, tofu,thin noodle type Konjyaku and sliced beef. Also we use Dashi . Today is not special day so i made it very simply.

cut and slice them all

give them a good boil with sugar and soy sause or seasoning Dashi.

add to eggs.
Sorry ,photo is not so good . Seems cooking photo is difficult to take,though.

Anyway in winter we often sit around a big Nabe, and eat Sukiyaki or Nabe cooking with family and friends.,it is very Yummy and warm.

So see you next Yummy ..




I challenged to make as like an Indian dishes!!

Yesterday I tried to bake Naans. I was something exotic mood as if i were in India.
So I wore my apron tightly.
Let's begin cooking~

knead flour

After beating for 5 minutes,then keep it in the fridge(30min~1hrs)

roll out the dough using a rolling pin

No need any oil just bake on the pane(2~4min)

Oh!! beautiful!! Succeeded!!

Anyway dont laugh at me,please.I used Naan flour which is mixed seasoning flour. we can get it at the supermarket. I guess japanese supermarket is very convenience.It was really a big help for me making naan at home.

Thanks!! WE are all satisfied with naan very much.

The package says :FLUFFY NAAN MIX



I am very honor to get the brilliant award from Michela. I am so happy and thank you Michela. This is the first time for me. I just started blogging in English a couple months ago.

Starting to blogging is good for me . It is very pleasant time to reading and contacting with other bloggers. Especially i can see the world through blogs.

So Thank you so much 'Little secrets from my garden 'by Michela

I have to list my current 5 obsessions and then pass the award on to 5 bloggers!

The Rules of this award are;

  • •List five current obsessions.
    •Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
    •On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
    •When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. Don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.


  1. Playing the electorical organ-I 'm practicing 'Someday the Prince Will Come' arranged club music,very funkey and up tempo.

  2. Blogging-I want to know about other countries more.

  3. World cooking-honestly i get boring typical seaving meal at home as a mommy. A plenty of bloggers let me know delicious recipe.

  4. Taking photograph as walking,Even a small world.

  5. Shopping with my daughter is very fun.

And I choose 5 fabulous blogs are;

  1. A Romantic Country Home
  2. A Very Happy Life
  3. The Ungourmet
  4. This Vintage Life...

At the first i received the award,i dont understand the rule well. But I just realize that it is similar to Japanese 'Baton mail'.

Hope keeping touch in you,

Have a nice Sunday!