I made Misoshiru for today's supper.
This is well-known Miso soup as a Japanese soup.

Have you already tasted it at a japanese restaurant or somewhere?

This is simply variation and very popular one for us with tofu ,wakame(=soft seaweed )and negi (=chopped leek). we usually have it at breakfast. And especially my husband love it.

By the way,we know that Miso is good for our health as same as Yogurt,too. You know miso made from soybean which is ferment in a big barrel for long time.

Here's ingredients .If you get Miso and want to try it, you can make Miso soup easily at home. I guess any vegetables are good with miso soup very much. I love miso soup- sweet potatoes or pumpkin and negi in it.

Have a nice week end!!


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Janie さんのコメント...

I've never tried miso. I will have to check the local stores to see if it is available here.

Michela さんのコメント...

Ooohh!More recipes!You're good at cooking! Hope you had a great weekend!
Thank you for your always kind comments on my blog!

the ungourmet さんのコメント...

Your soup looks wonderful! I love Miso!

CountryDreaming さんのコメント...

Misoshiru totemo oishii desu. Thank you so much for this delightful description and your lovely photos! I have enjoyed miso soup at a Japanese restaurant and should really try to cook some at home. The simple version of tofu, seaweed, and leeks looks best. Do you add any flavoring, like chicken bouillon cubes or beef broth, or do the simple ingredients provide all the flavor themselves?

Mami さんのコメント...

To all
thank you for visiting and comments. I 'm so glad to hear you love Miso soup. I'll write down its recipe another posting.

And to CountryDreaming,
we dont add to chicken buoillon or beef broth. we ordinally use dashi which made from bunito and kelp.
Pls try to make it!! thanks

juanitatortilla さんのコメント...

Oh yummy! It is difficult not to love a Miso soup. I have a Japanese store near me, but have yet to buy Miso paste from it -- it looks too much for me, since I rarely ever make Miso soup. If I ever go get the craving, thankfully, there are the instant Miso soup packages!