I challenged to make as like an Indian dishes!!

Yesterday I tried to bake Naans. I was something exotic mood as if i were in India.
So I wore my apron tightly.
Let's begin cooking~

knead flour

After beating for 5 minutes,then keep it in the fridge(30min~1hrs)

roll out the dough using a rolling pin

No need any oil just bake on the pane(2~4min)

Oh!! beautiful!! Succeeded!!

Anyway dont laugh at me,please.I used Naan flour which is mixed seasoning flour. we can get it at the supermarket. I guess japanese supermarket is very convenience.It was really a big help for me making naan at home.

Thanks!! WE are all satisfied with naan very much.

The package says :FLUFFY NAAN MIX

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shail2chouhan さんのコメント...

i really feel hungry by looking at your fantastic images, nice blo and great work.

Michela さんのコメント...

I already knew that you were cooking something yummy for us hungry bloggers!!!

Cal さんのコメント...

They look perfect! xx

Floss さんのコメント...

Yum! I love naan bread myself, but I haven't made any for a while. Your flour packet looks really convenient.

juanitatortilla さんのコメント...

You have a cute blog! I love Naan bread, and have tried to make it once, in April this year. It was fun!