Visiting to Kyoto

OnThursday,my husband and me visited Kyoto。They are held the exhibition of LUVRE Collections at Kyoto museum now. It was definitely great.We can see the Eoropian pictures in the 17th century. You know,we are not allowed taking any photos of the exhibits, though. this is the Kyoto museum in Japan.

The picture of bellow is just a leaflet. ↓
Now shown us this picture was painted by Johannes Vermeer.The woman is knitting lace-works. 

Then we went to the Heian Shrine which is quite historical shrine .
This is called Torii as its gate. Torii is the simbol of Shinto structure.

And let me take you these ancient structures. Mostly foreigners visited here must be impressed.

This is the entrance of it.

These displayed Japanese sake are as oblations for shrine.

That shrine has many beautiful japanese gardens. But we didnt visit to see at that time..I promise to show you another dialy.sorry...

anyway ,the Kamogawa river goes through kyoto .

Kyoto has many narrow alleyways.

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Michela さんのコメント...

Hi Mami! How lovely your picture!
Thank you for sharing your trip!
I'm so lucky to have been at the real Louvre Museum in Paris!
P.S.I've sent you an e-mail, did you receive it?

Arlene さんのコメント...

How beautiful, its so nice to see other cities in other countries. You did a great job in the photograhphy and posting them.

Susie's country cottage さんのコメント...

Hello Mami
I love visiting art galleries. It looks like an intesting exhibition you went to.
You have shown us some very interesting photos from your trip. Beatiful buildings.
Susie X