J is for...Japan

Hi, good afternoon, everyone!  It has been rainning since a couple of days here and still not to be warm but cherry bloosoms are becoming to bloom.

Today's Jenny Matlock's  Alphabe-Thursday. Our homework is about J words.
Instantlyto myself  it comes over just one ;

J is for JAPAN,isnt it?? ;)

*Mt.Fiji is symbolized of Japan but i've never climbed up ever. :(
Many people deside to climb up to see the first Sunrise in New Year's Day in January every year.

*I learnt the first French  isJe suis Japonais’ when i was a student. :)

*My first movie to see at the theater is 'Romeo and Juliet'. I remember Romeo was not Mr.Titanic of DiCaprio though.. :))  Oh Mr.Titanic is named 'Jack'

*I talked to my son and daughter 'Jack & the Beanstalk ' before they were asleep. To myself in childfood,the story seemd curiously.

*I play the ukulele and am a huge fan of Jake Shimabukuro!! He is the one of  the famous and greatest ukulele professional player from Hawaii USA.
This song is 'While My Guiter Gently Weeps'   Why not click!

This is it for today. Oh 'this is it' is Michael Jackson's!!


I'm going to a small trip next week. I would like to post about that in April.

Afar from Japan

If you want to see others, pls click here  and pop over. :))


No Frills Swap from UK

...and  one more exciting topic at weekend to me
I just recieved a parcel from Sumea in UK.
I joined Floss's 'No Frills Magazine Swap' a couple of months ago

She wrapped a wonderful floral cloth. How pretty it is!.

..and something good smell from..you can find small package of CK

also magazine giveaway

to myself ^wonderful interior


adorable furnitures

cooking!!  Yumyum

Thank you very much Sumea for thinking of me.  It is exciting  and fun to see.
It is the first expereince to see the magazines written in English.

To Floss : I truly appriciate to your hard works on this arranging of swapping.
Thank you so much once again.  I am happy to touch with another country life through swapping.

Holidays and Some Signs of Spring

In Japan, (March) Vernal Equinox Day  is an official national holiday So we have 3-days holidays from Sat.to Mon.

Apparently we can catch some signs which Winter has  passed a baton to Spring.
The stormy wind was blowing over night on Saturday.

 It was foggy and hazy around Yellow Sand  with wind afar from China to Japan. The photo bellow isnt clearly colours but as if we were in the yellow world

After hours through the strong wind,
we had clealy beatiful blue sky and much sunshine.

Look!! SAKURA is blooming!!

During days called ' higan 'the spirits of ancestors are recalled, Buddhist rites carried out and family graves visited too.

So our family gathered together in memory of my mother.

I made  chirashi Sushi.  chirashi sushi is for cooking at home.
Maybe some of you want to know the recipe? :)

Cook rice rather hard
3 cups rice and 3cups water

[ sushi vinegar]
60cc of vinegar
 2tsp of  sake
3tsp of  sugar
a bit of salt

toss the vinegar sauce
mingle together,  but remember! do not knead-this is the important tip-just need to train :)
you mingle as cutting with rice paddle

add to something what you want -vegetables or seafood
we like to put into carrots ,mushroom, tofu. Chirashi sushi is the mother taste of each family or each region.  anything OK I guess. Perhaps grapefruit some sour ingredients

and then 3eggs
be carefully and thinly
here it is
Isnt it even gourgeous?
you might image like as a rice salad

Today we get sunshine too!! Spring has come at last!!

Have a wonderful spring week!!

Mami :-)


I is for Inspirations

Hi,everyone! How are you today? How's your weather? Our temperature is still unbalanced so i'm keeping winter coat.

Today I joined Alphabe Thursday-Lesson is for letter I.
I is ...inspiration isnt it?
Looking forward to find out or realise some inspirations in our life -not special or not big-is so wonderful isnt it?
And always having good  images makes you happy and your motivations will get up -grade.

I is for i something..
Here's my i- pod nano but my daughter's own a week ago.   My husband gave her green one for her birthday present of the first model i pod a couple of years ago. She was pleased about that of course. But actually seems  she's wanting girlly hot pink one.   Then she finally bought a new one.  so i became an owner of  Mr.green i-pod. Lucky mum!! :)


and i mode- always with me

and Internet of course,
how do we depend on this tool for our life now?

..and  inspired of i phone.. you can access  to the Internet on your hand anywhere.
I dont have it and i dont think to want so far..but am interested in a bit
anyway we need to charge in the Nature. I almost feel a headache

if you learn more please visit hosted Jenny's alphabe-Thusday:)

good night! ;)




I got wonderful sunshine today but early spring.
I just found full blooming of Magnolia.  Simply white!  Pure big petals head up to the blue sky.


The flower meaning is 'Love Nature'

I was looking up while a time


Pamper Youself Swap Reveal!!!

I joined into Michela's 'Pamper Yourself Swap' last month. I think this swap is very nice idea which relates to 5 sense.  I guess many of us eager to meet as like. I have a really fun!  It's sensitive and healing.

And i just want to reveal about my lovely goodies from Beth in USA
What a wonderful goodies they are! Smell gooooooood!! :))
She didnt forget sweet chocolates!! Arigato!! And of course great meeting to you!!

pink grapefruit shea butter:))
 I love pink one very much!!

sweet lemon candle :))
I look forward to light up
maybe something for celebration

Beth wrapping was so creatively ..

even boxes...

This instant rice is rarely for me
2-4 minutes with microwave
Amazingly!! too fast!!Easy to make!

How fantastic swapping at this time!
I appreciate to Michela of her devices or ideas
It's enjoyable swap.

Good night ladies!!

afar from

H is for Healing

Today's lesson for H words-H is for Healing

I'd like to ask you what makes you heal

To myself-

Music always makes  me heal  when i am upset or tierd -stay with me.
Healing music-ukulele of course, Harmonic sound, Harp, Harmonica,whatever..

What Herbs do you like?
I like Hibisucus tea recently..

This Hibisucus presented for my Dad last June of Father's Day.
How much enjoyable ! Dad emailed me whenever the flowers bloomed.

Home is where Happiness and Heart are...

How many H word i found this week!! Woo!!

So Hope you'll Have a Happy time with your family or friends!!


if you want to learn more,please pop in to Jenney's Alphabe Thusday




I  received Beautiful Blogger Award from TK who is a teacher in Malaysia and taking beautiful photos. Please pop over to her blog.
It's so honor of me and I appreciate for thinking of me,TK. Thank you so much.

..we have still chilly weather here in Japan. But colours are turning to spring colour- People prefer to light colours lately.
What is your image of spring colour? My image is pink pink pink!!
I almost want to escape from here anyway..:))

See you soon
on Alphabe Thusday tomorrow

Keep warm:-)


music mood

It has been raining since last Saturday here-too chilly :(
Isnt it March?
Anyway I am music mood. Shall we listen to the music?
This composed song is 'Lovers in White' by Keisuke Kuwata who has been the most popular and famous singer-song-writer in Japan for years, even i was a student.I listened to this song last Christmas a lot.



 I just almost threw  my son's old-fassioned jeans away without thinking :-o
If i dont know lovely tips or great ideas from blogy friends sofar,I will do that.
Then i tried to challenge this project. As making one by one I felt it was so fun!
Very rough ! 

                                              tissue case

another one


 flower blooch
stained by hurbs(not clealy..)

They are very simple - need just scissors, glue and a bit of needles.
Although you wont need any tutorial from non-craft person of me.:)

Have a great Sunday!
We have almost rain though...



Spring greetings

I'll greet to you from the Osaka Castle .

 A lots of Plum blossoms are blooming..so sweet