music mood

It has been raining since last Saturday here-too chilly :(
Isnt it March?
Anyway I am music mood. Shall we listen to the music?
This composed song is 'Lovers in White' by Keisuke Kuwata who has been the most popular and famous singer-song-writer in Japan for years, even i was a student.I listened to this song last Christmas a lot.

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CountryDreaming さんのコメント...

A beautifully haunting song, thank you for sharing. If I listen to it over and over, maybe sometime I'll learn to sing it in Japanese!

chandlerguera さんのコメント...

It was great that the song had subtitles! Thanks for sharing it with us.

The Pink Birdhouse さんのコメント...

thanks for sharing that song, very nice! I have been reading through your previous posts and very much enjoyed your photos of the plum blossoms! How beautiful! And the dolls for Hinamatsuri. I have seen pictures of them before on the internet and am fascinated by them, and there they are right in your home. How interesting! I love your jeans make-over projects, especially the little flower brooches. Very creative!!

joo さんのコメント...

Lovely song - thanks for sharing:)
Here is also cold. Freeing cold I would say!

Tracey さんのコメント...

Beautiful Mami! I also love the photo on your header...xxx