I is for Inspirations

Hi,everyone! How are you today? How's your weather? Our temperature is still unbalanced so i'm keeping winter coat.

Today I joined Alphabe Thursday-Lesson is for letter I.
I is ...inspiration isnt it?
Looking forward to find out or realise some inspirations in our life -not special or not big-is so wonderful isnt it?
And always having good  images makes you happy and your motivations will get up -grade.

I is for i something..
Here's my i- pod nano but my daughter's own a week ago.   My husband gave her green one for her birthday present of the first model i pod a couple of years ago. She was pleased about that of course. But actually seems  she's wanting girlly hot pink one.   Then she finally bought a new one.  so i became an owner of  Mr.green i-pod. Lucky mum!! :)


and i mode- always with me

and Internet of course,
how do we depend on this tool for our life now?

..and  inspired of i phone.. you can access  to the Internet on your hand anywhere.
I dont have it and i dont think to want so far..but am interested in a bit
anyway we need to charge in the Nature. I almost feel a headache

if you learn more please visit hosted Jenny's alphabe-Thusday:)

good night! ;)


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Sh@KiR@ CK さんのコメント...

Lovely "I" s!
I am more into MP4.

Happy Thursday!

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Viki さんのコメント...

I love the internet. I couldn't live without it now. Great I post.

Betty (picture circa 1951) さんのコメント...

I'm so out of it. No Ipod or Iphone in this house! :)

laterg8r さんのコメント...

i wish i had an ipod :D

MrsJenB さんのコメント...

I am addicted to my iPhone! I actually do a lot of blog following and commenting on it while commuting on the train. It's a godsend!

mbkatc230 さんのコメント...

I do have an Ipod, which I love, but no Iphone. Everyone I know who has one is seriously obsessed with it! The last thing I need is another obsession :) Kathy

Sara's Sweet Surprise さんのコメント...

Mami~ "I " find your blog inspirational too.
Both my son and daughter in-law have I-phones. My needs are little so, my laptop and internet keeps me very happy.

I adore your photos of the Magnolia blossoms.
They are sooo beautiful. It looks like snow when the petals fall on the ground. I enjoy the pink blossoms as well.

I want to thank you for your visit..your words brought me such comfort at a very difficult time. It's greatly appreciated.
Sweet wishes,

Steph さんのコメント...

I'm so surprised that no one else had mentioned the i-world of technology so far. I, myself, quite overlooked it, however. Great idea. And what would we do without the internet?

Riet さんのコメント...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Ipod, I know my grandchildren have them but don't ask me what you can do with them.

Melinda Cornish さんのコメント...

I love my i pod! I have a green one too......

Olga さんのコメント...

Hi Mami, thank you for your kind wishes. I do hope to get well soon. Nice post! Inspiration is definitely one of the reasons we are all here blogging... and congrats on your cute i-pod!