G for ..GONE

Hello class!! How's Goin'?
Today is already Alphabe Thursday..

 I'll post this week G word.  I'll focus of Gone.
Pls tell me if i  misunderstand at meaning of Gone :)

*  *  *

SAKURA in my region in 2009

Isnt it Gorgeous? -Aparently you can see this beautiful cherry blossoms:)  I love this SAKURA blossoms very much. I like the photo above-beatiful blue sky, fairy wonderful spring scenery last April. The trees have been standing almost for 100yrs
My daughter ;)



one day..


I have to post with gasping though...:(

Where are Sakura Gone?
Gone away? All of them? Am I serious?
Why? Too sad! too bad!
Oh.. I was comfusing then
 I was extreamly shocked at a Glance and Got so disapointed
And then ended up to even Get angry
Because i didnt know about constructions. No imfomations!
Nobody complain?

How do you think about?..

Oddly crane is working for construction of a big condo.

Thank you for visiting for today:))
See you next week for class.
Have a lovely week!!


18 件のコメント:

Tracey さんのコメント...

That is grossly ghastly. Seriously it's a terrible shame. xxx

Dragonfly さんのコメント...

Goodness - that's outrageous. The trees were so pretty. Very sad to see them gone.
Have a lovely day!

TK さんのコメント...

I always dream to go to Japan to see Sakura blossoms. They are beautiful. Last year I went to Seoul in May and missed the Cherry blossom.

Jacque さんのコメント...

Good Morning Mami,

How sad that "progress" has to take away such beauty!! Those trees were absolutley "G"orgeous!!

Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great week.

Amy さんのコメント...

Thanks for stopping by..

I love all of your "G''s"

Pondside さんのコメント...

How sad that those beautiful trees were swept away without any notice. What a loss!

Red Couch Recipes さんのコメント...

The trees were "gorgeous" and now they are gone. Very sad. Joni

Steph さんのコメント...

Aren't plum and cherry blossoms delightful!? I'm so sorry they dug up those lovely trees.

laterg8r さんのコメント...

so awful to have them all taken away!!

Jo さんのコメント...

Oh how horrible that all of those trees are gone ... what a shame, they were beautiful.

Amy さんのコメント...

Oh that is so sad! All those beautiful Sakura trees gone!!

Jenny さんのコメント...

Oh how horrible. I can never figure out the logic of such destruction.

Such G orgeous trees now just G one.

I'm sad with you.

Sarah さんのコメント...

Oh, very sad. Yes, you understand the meaning of Gone. What beautiful trees now gone for ever! Thank you for sharing the photos of the trees in bloom. Lovely!

Christy さんのコメント...

that is very sad...

Viki さんのコメント...

How sad this must be for you. Those were beautiful trees. Unfortunately, many people think it is progress when they put up buildings. Some people just don't seem to care about the beauty of nature.

Betty (picture circa 1951) さんのコメント...

What a shame, but that happens here too. Sad.

Melinda Cornish さんのコメント...

I agree, it is very sad that they are GONE.......I would miss them too....Melinda

Catherine さんのコメント...

Those were beautiful trees ... so very sad that they are gone!