A word of this year

When we look back at this year , we used to figure out in Japanese Kanji.

Every year at this time, the high priest of Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto writes down as above.

It means 'HOT'.  You might agree to describe about this. We ended to give up in heat wave this long summer.

How do you like to describe one word  about 2010?

Let me see..I will choose 'Corporation'
Because I had good chance to find out that corporation with kindness is very important for us at family. 

How about you?

Have a nice weekend and keep warm!



Seems this week is getting colder here.
Do you have already snow?
Camellia sasanqua is blooming.
I love its pink colour. 
 Feel something warm.

Have a nice rest of week!!


A Swan

We have warm sunny days recently. Amazingly I saw a white swan in the river alone near my town yesterday.
 Maybe it got lost one's way...poor swan...Because here in Osaka is not the winter home of Swans'.


Japanese Maple

Hi,we had just the most beautiful moment last month.
The leaves of this year were more pretty in these 5 years.
Winter is coming soon with cold wintry wind here,too.
Howerver, already Chritmas mood in the town. ;)

...these are  rarely beautiful potteries

Have a nice weekend!! :)