This is 'YAKINASUBI',very simple cooking in japan.

NASUBI is egg-plant,as you know.

if you just find egg-plant in your refrigetator, you can cook at once.
This recipe is good for OTOSAN(=Fathers) after work with beer.

you wash egg-plant, and remove its calyxes. And then cut in a half of lengthways. and one more point is ;to cut its roundness little bit, so the half egg-plant is sitting well at the plate.

So you bake slowly both sides for around 5 minutes in a law heat.
And add to MENTUYU. You know,when you have Soba..
i recomend you,if you like Nasubi,though
Good luck!!

As a gift for...

Here's lovely and pretty bunnies

I gave it as a gift for the season greeting from my friend.
It is cute ,isnt it? i love it. i can see full of sweets or cookies in the basket.

.You can see the decolation with craft ribbon . Seems dramatically.



In summer we have a lot of events even a small town here. I have an imformation about this.
In our region they held bon-odori festival for children or families. It is a small festival at the elementary school yard.
They set Yagura covering with red and white striped cloth. Red and white clothes are used at the pleasure time in Japan. In order to gathering people,music is lauder

Bon-odori means bellow

In towns and villages across the country people in yukata (light cotton kimono) gather for outdoor dances known as bon-odori. For many Japanese, summer wouldn't be summer without a bonodori.

On the top of the Yagura two men are beating japanese drams called Taiko like this. Sounds don don!
very exciting .

People are dancing around Yagura. Again and again.

And one more pleasure for kids are games and eating boothes called Yomise. Yomise means the booth in the evening i guess.
They're definitely holding one coin in their hands tightly from their parents

It supposed to be continued until late but children have to go home till 9:00pm.
Sory photos are out of forcus in the evening



The Tenjin Festival is held in Osaka on July 24th and 25th. So my daughter dressed up with Yukata.

So here's displayed her Yukata with lovely full of red and pink flowers motives on it.

Yukata was a summer casual kimono those days but nowadays we used to wear at summer festival.

And this is called Obi which is a kind of long and wide belt.

this is butterfly motif

Obi is tied and rolled on the Yukata with variety of design. when we wear kimono or Yukata, we need someone's help acturally.

How do i look? Perfect!!
This design is called Bunko-musubi

And these are Geta. we put it on instead of shoes at Yukata

And NOW luckly i am watching the live broadcast about tenjin festival on TV program with fun.

Billy has come

Does anyone know Billy?

Yes! he is the person who is performanced as 'Billy's Boot Camp'on DVD .It was very popular in Japan about a couple of years ago. It was a huge booming in our country. Seems everyone is interested in the diet or something in the world.
However the programs are too hard to do exercises for most of Japanese people. So actually we almost gave up his programs and gave up getting beautiful muscle. But now ,surprisingly i heard of that he has opened his own ' International fitness studio' at Osaka in Japan this 19th July. And also he married with japanese female. Wow!! Congratulations!!He lives in Osaka!! Now the boom is becoming again? I guess people would rush into ...I dont know.



Today was my ukulele lesson,but i was absent from the class.Because i was between something. Too bad!!

i have learned ukulele around 4yrs. Playing the uku is very fun. Our class has 2 people-Yoshie and me. My teacher Hayashi is 30yrs old and nice guy. We have been practicing song 'Fula Girl ' which is composed by Jake Shimabukuro. We're supposed to play this song in September.Its sounds is very tenderly and make us heal. Ukulele has 4 strings. it is easy to carry and feel comfortable too.




I went to the Japanese Movie titled 'Amalfi' which made film in Italy. And you know Amalfi is the World Heritage of Italy. Wow very beautiful!! I was so impressed in the location . The actor is Yuji Oda and actress is Yuki Amami . The song of the movie is 'Time to Say Goodbye' by Salah Brightman. Her voice is pretty clear. Her canzone sounded so gougeous and I felt so so comfortable .


Holiday and SUSHI:寿司

This weekend,we 3-days holiday in Japan from Saturday to Monday.
I have no plan for holidays but I prefer to relaxing.
Today I was supposed to go shopping but it started raining at that time. Oops!
However i had a good idea in my brain. I decided to ask for deliver Sushi. and then I called to the Sushi shop. In japan it is available to deliver sushi which we want to have on the telephone easily as Pizza delivery service. And also we usually have sushi at special day as a birthday,hosting guests,gathering friends and so on. So we love sushi so much.

Now here 's Sushi just arrived at home!! Wow I'm happy.

there are 3 people at home today. Sushi bowl can be attached and build up as well.

today i ordered healthy menu here
Inari-sushi and Shiso with ume-boshi plum roll

These are Temaki-sushi. Temaki means roll by ourselves-rolled rice with Nori. this menu for delivery especially children like very much

There are inside of sushi-shrimp,cuttlefish,salmon,tamagoyaki and pickles with shiso leaves.

Now let's roll by myself
It is rapped with film for keeping Nori dried.

roll up

Somehow we have rather hot green tea with a big cup at sushi

After we fished ,we wash up sushi bowls and put them in front of the door,and sushi shoppers come to take them another day.



The sun is sparkling.


Now it is already late in the night. there are so yummies. I bought them at a cake shop near my town.To eat or not. I know i know. i have to go to bed. I dont want to gain weight
Take care of myself. Geee...


Season Greetings

Japanese send seasonal gifts called Oseibo at the end of the year, and Ochugen in summer. It's a gift for someone who has done something for you, like a teacher or a boss.While more than half buy their midyear gifts at department stores, nearly 30 percent buy them on the Internet.

I always send Ochugen to my uncle and relatives and yesterday i got this post-card for thanks.

Does everyone send post-cards ?

These are some post-card and letters for summer greetings which i am prepared to write. Now it is before summer on the calender though.



I visited to my parents house near my house 20-minutes ride by bus yesterday.

My father was setting a reed blind (which called Yoshizu in japanese) and he was leanning against the wall by the window. But actually my father couldnt set it by himself i did help for him.

This is an another old blind made of bumboo hanging by the window at my parents house, too.

We used to set up before hot summer .They are kind of traditional Japanese house style. If you visit Kyoto or Nara region,you can find them easily.
It looked so comfortable for me and felt something cool breezing.

How do you feel?


Enjoy Flower Arrangements

i enjoy flower arrangements.It is rainy season now here,so it is really humid.
Flower is not beautiful but also make us refresh and cheer up actually. You might be happy and comfortable. I 'm glad you like to see photos.



I made a very popular food in Osaka Japan-called TAKOYAKI
TAKO means octopus YAKI means baking.
You know very famous Osaka, Shinsaibashi ,there are a lot of small takoyaki boothes there.

So this is a TAKOYAKI maker. Our region in Osaka,mostly we have the takoyaki maker at home. we sometimes make Takoyaki at home,too.
very easy to make.

And here is very important ingredients which is a kind of flour for making. it is mixed some seasonig

and then scramble
3 cups flour,2 eggs with 900ml water

and run liquid into each round molds

another ingredients
red ginger

chopped octopus

add to

while minutes

overturn up and down

it is baking now

and just baked

topping is dried green nori with sauce and mayonnaise