A Lunch Box

Here's a lunch box.called BENTO in Japanese. Actually i made it this morning for my son.We used to carry bento which mommy made in our school days in our country.Bento is wrapped with a small and pretty square cloth like a handkerchief

Wow!! so cute rabbit on it

They are separated rice and side dish.

And we can say ITADAKIMASU in japanese.

And how about your making?

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This is such a cute little container...a nice lunch for a child. We have a Daiso up the street from me where I live in Daly City, CA
( a suburb of San Francisco ) and, of course, they have all these things there ).

Less than a mile from me is one of my favorite local restaurants, American Sushi House where they wonderful bento lunches for $10 US...with three choices. I usually have sashimi and tempura with either saba or beef teriyaki. There is salad and miso included. Wonderful!