I made a very popular food in Osaka Japan-called TAKOYAKI
TAKO means octopus YAKI means baking.
You know very famous Osaka, Shinsaibashi ,there are a lot of small takoyaki boothes there.

So this is a TAKOYAKI maker. Our region in Osaka,mostly we have the takoyaki maker at home. we sometimes make Takoyaki at home,too.
very easy to make.

And here is very important ingredients which is a kind of flour for making. it is mixed some seasonig

and then scramble
3 cups flour,2 eggs with 900ml water

and run liquid into each round molds

another ingredients
red ginger

chopped octopus

add to

while minutes

overturn up and down

it is baking now

and just baked

topping is dried green nori with sauce and mayonnaise

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Joony さんのコメント...

Thk u very much for u follow my stamp world blog !
Ur blog's very wonderful ! I think ur house wife and good mom.
I like dakoyaki very much and I enjoyed it when I visited osaka city.
What part of japan do u live ? I have been japan few time and visited few cities like tokyo,yokohama'kamakura,hakone,osaka,nara,kyoto,wakaya & nagoya.
Have u been to korea ?
Well, Nice to meet u and I hope we keep in touch !
Take care ~
Sayonara !
from Joony,

Mami さんのコメント...

>to Joony-san

I'm so glad to receive your commment. Welcome!!

i live in Osaka.i am glad to hear that you have come to osaka and like Osaka food or something.

i have no chance to visit KOrea yet, i like to watch Korean dramas on TV.

talk you soon,

take care

Kevin さんのコメント...

That takoyaki looks great! I have been wanting to try takoyaki!

Mami さんのコメント...

>To Kevin
Nice to meet you!!
I'm glad you've been wanting to try Takoyaki. very TASTY!!
i think you need to get Takoyaki maker soonly. Making Tkoyaki is very fun,too