Season Greetings

Japanese send seasonal gifts called Oseibo at the end of the year, and Ochugen in summer. It's a gift for someone who has done something for you, like a teacher or a boss.While more than half buy their midyear gifts at department stores, nearly 30 percent buy them on the Internet.

I always send Ochugen to my uncle and relatives and yesterday i got this post-card for thanks.

Does everyone send post-cards ?

These are some post-card and letters for summer greetings which i am prepared to write. Now it is before summer on the calender though.

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Michela さんのコメント...

Lovely cards!
Hope you're having a lovely week!

Mami さんのコメント...

Honestly we're tending to send e-mail easily instead of cards or letters.But writing is good thing.

Have a great week,too!!

thank you for your comment

Grandma Elsie さんのコメント...

Just found your site and loved the flowers .
I love flowers but am an amateur . i have my yard full as I can in the warm weather.In the winter here nothing lives in My part of USA
Elsie <><

Mami さんのコメント...

>Grandma Elesie
I am happy you stepped by site.
Flowers and music make us refresh and cheer up.
See you next time!!
Have a great weekend!!

CountryDreaming さんのコメント...

What a beautiful custom, to take the time, summer and winter, to remember people who have helped you, and show gratitude for gifts with such artistically-designed paper! I love your pretty display of note paper, which looks like gifts themselves.

Mami さんのコメント...

> CountryDreaming
Nice meeting with you!! Thankk you for your comment. I'm glad you like our custum as a season greetings.