In summer we have a lot of events even a small town here. I have an imformation about this.
In our region they held bon-odori festival for children or families. It is a small festival at the elementary school yard.
They set Yagura covering with red and white striped cloth. Red and white clothes are used at the pleasure time in Japan. In order to gathering people,music is lauder

Bon-odori means bellow

In towns and villages across the country people in yukata (light cotton kimono) gather for outdoor dances known as bon-odori. For many Japanese, summer wouldn't be summer without a bonodori.

On the top of the Yagura two men are beating japanese drams called Taiko like this. Sounds don don!
very exciting .

People are dancing around Yagura. Again and again.

And one more pleasure for kids are games and eating boothes called Yomise. Yomise means the booth in the evening i guess.
They're definitely holding one coin in their hands tightly from their parents

It supposed to be continued until late but children have to go home till 9:00pm.
Sory photos are out of forcus in the evening

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Wow, I love your blog!
Sushi's my favourite food :)

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Nice to meet you too Mami and to have an opportunity to see your lovely culture.
Cal x

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Very interesting to see this traditional community celebration.