It has been rainnig since this monday morning here. It is very humid and dull.
i feel kainda uncomfortable at home.
So I have a memory about such as rainy days,
I think about my childfood's days .And this is a picture of Teruterubozu in Japan.
It is a small doll which made of paper or cloth. My mother used to hung outside hoping for fine weather. We wish it would be fine day tommorow singing a song.
♪てるてるぼうず てるぼうず あした 天気にしておくれ♪

It is a sweet memory.



This is my lunch

This is a kind of noodle- japanese UDON called Kitsune Udon. On the center of udon is AGE. it is sopposed to be a fox. somehow ?


A New Pot

Here's so lovely pot which you could imagine of Disney movie-'Beauty and Beast'. There is Mrs.Pot.Do you remember? It is likes as my Minney's cup .What a nice tea time with an apple pie i had!! What would you like?



A crescent moon



i went to shopping। i bought moss-yellow colour outer with flare sleeves beige colour pants which has two pockets on the back. Very fun!!

Wow!! This is the Yukata- kimono wearings in Japan.This is the new desighn this year.We put a long wide belt on it. Some of us both boys and girls wear Yukatas.And we put woody sandals called GETA instead of shoes.

We usually wear YUKATA in July or August. We always have summer festivals each regions in summer.

as of summer festival,we used to enjoy Bon-odori dancing,see around small boothes called Yomise,play oldish games and so on.So I'll tell you about japnese summer festivals on another story.
anyway see !!PRETTY YUKATAs


After Lesson

i went to my music class. i have learning an electoronic organ for 10 years.i entry a music competition on 28th June. Wow! it'll come soon.

By the way ,after lesson i usually have a lunch with my friend.
Today we went to a japanese restaurant -named Hatagoya and had Soba ,sushi,vegetables and miso-suop.they were very tasty (OISHII)


Father's Day

Today is 'Father's Day'-we usually celebrate the day and thank for our Father .So i e-mailed and sent PC card to my father. Because i couldn't visit to my father's house today.. However i am glad that he is pleased with my PC card. Happy

His character is so academic person who works harder , studies harder and takes efforts everything.Honestly i proud of him. He is 80 years old. Wow!! Super

He workd at a Chemical Laboratory for 40 years. Reading a lot. Writing a lot.

Anyway take care of yourself ,Dad


A Break

In the middle of the rainy season here.We have no rains.Maybe it is a break for a while.It is 32degrees today.



this is today's dinner at home

these are boiled chickens with vinegar ,soysauce ,and sugar.
just boil. Wow! very easy to cook.
it takes 20 minutes for cooking
but really delicious

Toppings are Shiso



this is the one of japanese sweets-Taiyaki

Taiyaki likes as a waffle.
sweet beans are inside of it.
we have green tea with it.
Have a bite?

My Dress

This is my dress. I love the bottom line of gathering.
And cloth seems little bit shine.


i took part in the electone competition yesterday.And to be honor ,i was so happy to pass the selection.

i played Disney Latin.So i felt very tense .My foot was shaking ,my heart was beating.there were 10 persons in the entry. every play were excellent.

this photo is the strauberry-moon which apppered after mid-night



I went to a KUSHIKATSU restaurant ーDaisuke だいすけ

Kushikatsu is fried cutlet or vegetable on a skewer.
We love Kushikatsu very much. 

So we dip into them some sauces.

These are so tasty. they go well on Kushikatsu.

This is a cabbage salad with carrots.
This is it. very simple.


Heart in the Sky

can you see the heart-shape cloud in the blue sky?

Rain Season

In June, we have the rainy season.
I found rain-drops from my window.

A mountain looks so foggy with rain from my house.

I can see this flower - アジサイAjisai(hydrangea) near my garden-park,and the red colour makes me cheer up on cloudy and humid days.Ordinally hydrange have light blue colour.

Yesterday ,I took the photo of brilliant sun. seems gold.



I made flower arrangements called IKEBANA in japanese. I love flowers very much

shakuyaku /wasurenagusa






Oh finally my family got a new TV set.Now just arrived here.They look so large

two young men came to set up for the TV set. its size is 37 inch.Wow!! they look larger what i image before. it is very thin. i enjoyed "Music Station" on it.
this is the old one which we used 23inch

Hello everyone, i am MAMI
I will start to write blog in english with photos which i feel good or comfortable.

i am glad that you visit my page and like it