Here's a circular of local supermarket in a newspaper. So ..i decided to make SUKIYAKI at home for today. Then i went shopping.

These are the ingredoents. chinese cabage,onion, tofu,thin noodle type Konjyaku and sliced beef. Also we use Dashi . Today is not special day so i made it very simply.

cut and slice them all

give them a good boil with sugar and soy sause or seasoning Dashi.

add to eggs.
Sorry ,photo is not so good . Seems cooking photo is difficult to take,though.

Anyway in winter we often sit around a big Nabe, and eat Sukiyaki or Nabe cooking with family and friends.,it is very Yummy and warm.

So see you next Yummy ..


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Michela さんのコメント...

Why don't you write in your profile that you're so good at cooking?! :)

Cal さんのコメント...

That looks very yummy indeed!
Cal x

juanitatortilla さんのコメント...

It sounds very good! I might want to give it a try, but with Chicken (not beef). I have quite a lot of Dashi stock to experiment with, sent thoughtfully from a friend in Japan.

Floss さんのコメント...

That does look good! The addition of the fried eggs is a great finishing touch. I also find it very hard to take photos of cooking - I think that the steam spoils the photos.

Olga さんのコメント...

This looks delicious and sounds very exotic :) I wish I could try it!