Q is for Quit something..and Queue

Hello!! I've been absent from Alphabe Thursday but today I 'm glad to take part in..
So today's letter is Q.  Q is Very difficult to find words but  absolutely interesting to know others' postings!! 

Why dont you play?

I' ll choose 'quit'
This story is very serious and secret especially to my husband..heehee :)
I'll write about 'quit something' now. You might already notice of the story..

My husband had been smoking for years (about 10yrs) and he had 40-50 cigars for a day. Terrible!!!  I hate smoking and its smell even get headache.
I had been asking him to quit smoking for years , of course. However he didnt say YES. Gee..
At last, he decided to quit smoking 10 months ago for his coming years. For him? .. for me and for us!! Right?  The healthy life is necessary
How long i've been wanting for his decision!!  And he positively  quit smoking in just 3 weeks.  A big present for me than anything, isnt it?
The fact is so gratified me.

After quiting, he gains not only good condition but also too much? wight though..  I have another worry.. I have to ask him to quit sweets, anyway.. :(

But i think quit something is hard work but positively thing.  Be sure something good things would happen.

And another Q is for queue..do you like in a queue in front of the restaurant or anyplace?

This photo shows us  People were waiting for advanced reservations before the sale in a long queue for hours during  over night last day. Wow!!

i am not in a queue..though

So today is still cold here..why?? already May isnt it?  Hope your weather is fine!!

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Thanks :)

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Floss さんのコメント...

Wow - congratulations to your husband for quitting after all these years! You must be so pleased.

The British and the French queue in different ways. Some people say the French don't queue at all, but that's not true! They are very polite and say hello to everyone before they join a queue in a shop. The British don't do this!

Juanita Tortilla さんのコメント...

I am so glad your husband has decided to quit smoking -- it is better for everybody!!!
Quitting sweets and sugar is also difficult, but maybe less difficult than quitting smoking.
I am sure you can help him :)

Susie's country cottage さんのコメント...

Well done to your husband for giving up smoking. That must have been really difficult after smoking so many a day. That is so healthy for you as well as him. I hate queuing, especially in traffic!!

joo さんのコメント...

Good for you and good for him - smoking is terrible habit! Queueing is also not my cup of tea, to be honest with you:)
Very nice post, by the way!

mbkatc230 さんのコメント...

Good for your husband! I'm sure you are thrilled that he quit, it's very difficult, so congratulations to him. Now quitting sweets, that might be really hard :) Kathy

Jenny さんのコメント...

I'm not sure how I missed this link...I'm sorry I did. Please accept my apologies. I try to be very careful with that. Congratulations to your husband for stopping smoking. That is quite an accomplishment!