Hi,I'm back here!! How are you!! Hope you'll enjoy your spring!!
So some of you know I was in Singapore last week,but wait.. i should show you Japanese Sakura Beauty until i'll start to write about  exciting Singapore trip.
 When i was back to home Sakura was totally blooming, I was about to miss Sakura blooming though..

As I was back, I went to Heian Shrine in Kyoto which has a obviously beautiful garden with pond and dropping cherry.         
Now here we go

..this is the Torii ( gate of the Shrine)

at the garden...isnt it gorgeous? wordless
it is dropping cherry called Shidare Sakura

                                                          how calm..

                              ..oops it's me! Hello!!    
                                                     beautiful reflections!!
                                   ..the ponds is like as a mirror

                                           Here's my neighborfood:)

Glad you'll have fun with me under the cherry blosooms!!

Have a nice day!

9 件のコメント:

Michela さんのコメント...

Welcome back Mami!
Those cherry trees are just stunning!

TK さんのコメント...

Happy to see you again mami! Those cherry blossoms are really beautiful! I wish I could be in Japan now.

zsazsazsu さんのコメント...

This is really very very beautiful, never seen this before ! Waw !

Amy さんのコメント...

beautiful! And what a lovely header xxx

Dragonfly さんのコメント...

Welcome back!! It is so beautiful. I wish I was in Japan too :-)

chandlerguera さんのコメント...

Oh....so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these lovely spring flowers with us. I love it!

Tracey さんのコメント...

Welcome home! What beautiful photographs & what a lovely place to live! xxx

Juanita Tortilla さんのコメント...

Cherry Blossoms are the prettiest things in Spring time! It is a pity they do not stay long... Maybe that's what makes them so special :)

Beth さんのコメント...

Mami, The cherry blossoms are so beautiful! I look forward to reading about your trip to Singapore!