What Time Is It Now?

I just put the clock on my sidebar. because I'm not sure YOUR time.
You cant miss it.
Please tell me ;
What time is it now?

Thank you:)


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Michela さんのコメント...

Hi Mami!
In Japan it's 11 pm and here it's 11 am!
Thank you for putting the clock on your blog, I always wonder what time is it in Osaka!
It's too late too wish you a lovely Sunday...then have a good start to your week!

Susie's country cottage さんのコメント...

Hi Mami
The digital clock looks good. Here in England it is 10.56 am there in Japan I can see it is 10.56 pm! My Sunday is just beginning and yours in ending. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Tracey さんのコメント...

In Japan 4.21pm here in the UK 12.21pm
I am also pleased to know what time it is in Japan! XXX

Janie さんのコメント...

It is now 9:20 AM in Utah, USA. Your Japanese time shows 9:20 PM. We're exactly half a day apart. That's interesting to know!

Floss さんのコメント...

I'm not sure, Mami - your clock is showing just the same time as my computer! Does that mean something has gone wrong? Surely we cannot be at the same time?

juanitatortilla さんのコメント...

Oh, I have followed your example and made a clock for my sidebar :)
I too am having the same "problem" as Floss -- I am seeing Swiss time on your Japanese blog :)