Do you knowCool Biz..?

Not sure you know 'Cool Biz' because it might be a Japanese-English

 We also  have 4 seasons here. Our temperature is turning into Summer.
The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) began advocating the Cool Biz campaign in summer 2005 as a means to help reduce electric consumption by limiting use of air conditioning.

According to the Environment Ministry, central government ministries were:
to set air conditioner temperatures at 28°C until September.

The Cool Biz dress code advises workers
to starch collars so they stand up and to wear trousers made from materials that breathe and absorb moisture.
Additionally, workers are encouraged to wear short-sleeved shirts without jackets or ties.

Many workers, though, were confused about whether they should follow the new stipulations—many came to work with their jackets in hand and their ties in their pockets. Even those who liked the idea of dressing more casually sometimes became self-conscious during their commutes when they were surrounded by non-government employees who were all wearing standard business suits. Many government workers said they felt it was impolite not to wear a tie when meeting counterparts from the private sector.

All of the government leaders practiced Cool Biz. Prime Minister Koizumi was frequently interviewed without a tie or jacket, and this produced a significant advertising effect.

So recently Cool Biz is getting to exprole not only public offices but also most of companies, department stores ,super-markets...

They excuse not to wear to customers politely before that.

Students used to change to summer uniforms in June.
And also mothers used to change cool colours (or summery)at home and to prepare summer wears in the closet or drawers :)

Today my husband  did wear in Cool Biz, too!!

How do you think about?

Have a nice week!

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TK さんのコメント...

I think Cool Biz is so cool!It's a good idea to help save mother earth!. Enjoy your summer!

Floss さんのコメント...

This is a really good idea! I can see that the only problem is when some groups (government employees) follow it and others don't, as you say.

We are given a lot of advice in France about how to stay healthy and cool in the summer. Most homes don't have air conditioning, but we have shaded windows and shutters so that the sun can't get in to over-heat the houses. But, like you, businesses do have air conditioning. We are encouraged to visit shopping centers during a heat-wave, so that we can cool down! Funny, but a good idea!

Chicken Boys さんのコメント...

Perhaps the U.S. should adopt a similar policy. I wear summery clothes to work, but it is often cold in my office.

Janie さんのコメント...

Cool Biz sounds like a great idea. It's foolish to wear warm clothes in the office and then have to turn down the air conditioner to compensate.

Pondside さんのコメント...

This is a great idea, and it's good that the government is promoting it. Over here we rarely get a day hot enough to make working uncomfortable, but people dress casually in the summer, anyway. I don't like it when a building is so cooled by air conditioning that I need a sweater to stay warm inside.