Happy Dad Sunday

Hello, Kon-nichiwa!

It was raining all day long on Saturday. But Sunday we had sunshine a little between raining but very humid though... i went to see my Dad and celebrated happy father's day with my husband. It was later 1-week though...

We call to dad 'Otosan'

In fact, my Otosan is brave man because he is a survivor and  a soldier in his cancer himself. Oh we are very blessed!!! How can i express to gratitude of this great thing !!!!

I brought this very charming hibiscus flower pots for Dad.
Seems they are as if smiling :)

And beer beer beer with cheerful
we had a lot of laughs and talking with very fun!!!!

..and a wonderful summer shirt for gift.
Hey!!..good-looking? :)

..anyway Japanese people always do not say 'I love you' each other in our family especially, because it is our custum.
Japanese people are mostly shy. Of course we are always thinking about each other deeply just the bottom of heart ourselves.
However I dare to say 'thank you and I love you,Otosan' though my blog...heehee:))  thanks Blog Land :D


Thank you for visiting today!!
Have a lovely week and enjoy!!

Afar from Japan

Mami :)

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Green thumb さんのコメント...

A very happy Father's day to your dear Dad!
Have a good week ..and some sunshine soon!!!

Floss さんのコメント...

Isn't that wonderful! It's so good to hear about your love for your dad, and how you show it to him in so many caring ways.

Dragonfly さんのコメント...

This is so sweet!! Beautiful hibiscus - and such a handsome man :-)
Have a lovely week!

Juanita Tortilla さんのコメント...

So nice to hear about your day with your dad!
I like how the hibiscus are sitting pretty on the cupboard, and your dad in his new shirt :)

We share the same custom / habits too!

Beth さんのコメント...

Mami, This was touching! Blessings to you and your dad. I love the white lilies on your header. They are just beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, Mami.