Autumn Colours

Hope you're all right.

I am  enjoying deep Autumn around our neighbourhood.
As i went a walk and took some photos on my way.

 at Chrysanthemum fair.

near by library

cherry tree at a park


iridescent clouds
Maybe you'll be lucky

Now Osaka in Japan it is getting colder day by day , too.

Take care all!!

See you soon! :)

4 件のコメント:

DragonflyLanternshop さんのコメント...

So beautiful :-)
Nice to see you again!!!

Green thumb さんのコメント...

What an amazing sky!
Have a great weekend!

Kat さんのコメント...

Beautiful photos. I love the picture of the sky, it's beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Kat

harmony and rosie さんのコメント...

Getting bitterly cold here too Mami. Good to see you on the blog list again! x