Kyoto Arashiyama

If you come to Japan and visit to Kyoto or somewhere, you can conveniently use rental cycle to go sight-seeing at the station. Especially Kyoto.

So my husband and me went to Arashiyama at Kyoto and go around by bicycles. Let me show you some photos. Glad you will like them.

We both decided to rent bicycle near by the Arashiyama station.
It costs about $8 a day. They are normal  ones with no gears.

rental bicycle
Togetukyo Bridge
river looks like as a mirror

Hi!! with a great fun.
Let's go with us!!

...and I followed after my husband
He was my guide...hahah :)

Seiryouji Temple

It was beginning to turn colours

souvenir shops



somehow beams?

World Heritage
Tenryuji Temple

Daikakuji Temple

Thank you for visiting today. Hope you will like it.
We felt as if the time stopped at Kyoto

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Juanita Tortilla さんのコメント...

Kyoto must be a really lovely place to visit: historical and charming. Thank you for the bicycle tour!

Green thumb さんのコメント...

Hello sporty Mami!
Thank you for showing us Kyoto from a different point of view!

TK さんのコメント...

I love all your photos Mami.Kyoto is indeed a lovely place. The bamboo trees are beautiful. Never seen such tall bamboo trees. Bicycle tour must be very interesting too!Have a nice day Mami!

匿名 さんのコメント...

your blog is very good and interesting, congratulations!
I like your beautiful photos of every day, it's simple and beautiful, the garden are superbs !!
It's very successful and I had a pleasant time to explore your page, I'm follower with pleasure ! :))

Bye Mahon

Pensionasuka さんのコメント...

Hi,MAMI!thanks for your compliment and visiting my blog.
From Wildlife's diary,